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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are Jews America’s Richest People?

The Facts Don’t Support The Anti-Semitism

By Dell Hill

By way of followup to our friend from L.A., who made the following statement:

Let’s take a closer look, just to see if she’s right.  Let’s find out who the top ten richest Americans are, according to Forbes Magazine.  It could be those dastardly “Zionist Jews” who are controlling the finances of America and, if it is, we need to deport them all immediately! seems as though Bill Gates is still the richest American with a net worth of $59 billion.  He’s an agnostic (agnostics believe in something; they’re just not sure what).

Warren Buffett - the president’s constant companion and supporter has $39 billion to his name and he’s an agnostic, too.

Larry Ellison is the Oracle braintrust, worth a cool $33 billion.  Larry is an atheist (atheists don’t believe in any deity).

Charles and David Koch, the Libertarian-turned-Republican brothers, are both Catholic.  They’re worth $25 billion each.

Christy Walton and her family are worth $24.5 billion each.  They’re reportedly Presbyterian, but it’s not known just how devout each of them is.

George Soros (Yes, he’s an American) checks in with $22 billion.  George was brought up in a Jewish family in Hungary, but hasn’t acted “very Jewish” since his teen years.  Soros is the bank behind Media Matters and all things “progressive, socialist, far left-wing, world order” movements, including Barack Obama’s re-election bankroll.

Sheldon Adelson holds down the number 9 position among America’s richest.  Adelson is the casino and hotel magnate and is Jewish.
Jim Walton is ranked tenth on the list with a fortune estimated at $21.1 billion, and he’s said to be Presbyterian, but that’s not certain.  One thing is for sure; he’s not Jewish.

Well, there you have it.  The top ten richest Americans, and - as you can plainly see - there’s just one person of declared Jewish faith on that list.  Hardly proof that Jews control the nation’s wealth.  In fact, the only other person on that list with any Jewish connection what-so-ever is the man who’s making it possible for the woman in the above video to make such foolish statements - George Schwartz Soros.

I am not so foolish as to believe that there aren’t rich Jews in America.  And I’m not suggesting that Jews do not control their fair share of finance related business enterprises.  Jews tend to be good money managers and tend to succeed in business where others fail.  They work hard and invest wisely.  I tend to think most are jealous of their success and financial lot in life, if, in fact they are successful.

Despite the fact that Jews tend to vote for Democrats - something I have a very hard time wrapping my head around, considering that redistribution of wealth could cost them everything they’ve worked so hard to earn - I don’t begrudge them their wealth, nor should you.  Jews pay their taxes, just as you and I, and no religion will defend itself more vigorously.  

Despite our political differences, I consider Jews and Israelis to be close Allies of  America - not a people to be “run out of the United States”.

Editor’s Note:  This blog publisher is Catholic and has many Jewish friends - none of whom has ever threatened to behead me if I don’t convert to Judaism.

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