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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Test Your Skills At Identifying US Folding Cash

When It Comes To Money, I Don’t Know Salmon P. Chase

Test Your Skills At Identifying US Folding Cash

By Dell Hill

Even the kids know that George Washington is pictured on a one dollar bill.  

Most don’t even believe that a $2 bill exist, but it does...
A five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar bills are fairly common (but not in my wallet!)

But, If someone offered you ten pieces of folding money with the picture of Salmon P. Chase on them, would you take them?

You’d better.  Salmon P. Chase is pictured on the $10 thousand dollar bill!

Chances are excellent you didn’t know that.  (I didn’t, either)

(and who is Salmon P. Chase and why is he on a 10-G Note??)

The same goes for any offer of money with President Woodrow Wilson on it.

Now, how about American money with “Miss Liberty” on it?

I’ll bet you’ve never seen one of these either.  That’s because they don’t exist.

Just a moment away from the days news to enjoy and think about something ELSE for a change!

Note From Dell:  Publishing these facsimiles is legal.  All of the bills pictured are not exact copies.

Have fun; Test the skills of family and friends in identifying American folding cash.

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  1. Have fun; guess on the ones not specifically mentioned, then click on the underlined links to see the correct answers.