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Saturday, October 8, 2011

California Governor Jerry Brown Is A Genius!

By Dell

California Governor Jerry Brown is a genius!

And here’s proof, as recorded today by the L.A. Times:

“The lawmaker who authored the California Dream Act said Saturday that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the bill allowing Illegal immigrants attending California universities to receive state financial aid.

Brown's office declined comment, and an announcement on the legislation has not yet been made.

But Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) said he was notified Saturday morning by the governor's aides that Brown has approved the measure, which makes illegal immigrants who are accepted into state universities eligible, starting in 2013, for Cal-Grant assistance.


One legislative analysis predicted the bill will cost an additional $40 million to help students who qualify by graduating from a California high school after having attended school in the state for at least three years. They also must show financial need and meet academic standards.

The legislation was opposed by most of the Republican lawmakers who questioned an expansion of programs to benefit illegal immigrants while the state is cutting services to residents who are in the country properly.

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita) is among those who are not persuaded by assurances of minimal to no impact on legal students.  He noted that there are as many as 40,000 illegal immigrants who might apply for financial aid from funds that are limited and that are not being increased by the legislation.

"Therefore, for every dollar awarded to an undocumented student from that pot of money, a dollar would have to be taken away from a citizen or a legal immigrant," Smyth said.  "I believe that is wrong.”

Read the L.A. Times story by clicking right here.

Jerry Brown knows that California has long since spent itself into oblivion.  He know the Golden State can’t possible sustain its spending programs - not even close.  He knows California is going to go “Bust”...and when it does, guess who picks up the tab?

If you said the rest of the United States (at least the few remaining states that are not in the exact same sinking boat) then you’d be correct.

Brown is wisely piling on the spending bills now because he knows Californians will never, ever pay their bills, so it’s smart to spend as much as possible now and pass the entire mess on to the rest of the country somewhere down the road.

It’s pure genius, I tell you.  Continued thinking along these lines and the Democrats will be looking to Jerry Brown as presidential material very soon!

Ron Paul Shops Target Too! Buys Another Straw Poll Win

By Dell

Michelle Obama isn’t the only big name Target customer.  Texas Congressman Ron Paul - the perennial presidential candidate, but never the nominee - has purchased another straw poll victory, this time winning the 2011 Value Voter Summit in the nation’s capitol.  Paul supporters showed up in droves Saturday and we pick up the story from ABC News.

“The Texas congressman and presidential candidate who remains in the single digits in most national polls emerged as the choice of 37 percent of those who cast ballots at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who has been surging in national presidential primary polls, came in second with 23 percent of the vote, followed by Rick Santorum who garnered 16 percent. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann tied for fourth — both with 8 percent.

Current GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, who addressed the conference on Saturday, wound up near the bottom of the pack with 4 percent.

Here are the results of the straw poll:
Ron Paul – 37 percent
Herman Cain – 23 percent
Rick Santorum – 16 percent
Rick Perry – 8 percent
Michele Bachmann – 8 percent
Mitt Romney – 4 percent
Newt Gingrich – 3 percent
Jon Huntsman – 0 percent
Undecided – 1 percent

Here are the top four vice presidential choices: Michele Bachmann; Herman Cain; Marco Rubio; and Rick Santorum.  Read the rest of the story by clicking here.

Notice anything strange?  Paul hauls in 37 percent of the vote for president but doesn’t even show up on the vice presidential results.  Obviously, the Paultards stuck around just long enough to vote in the presidential poll but couldn’t be bothered with the VP race.  A pretty clear indication that they weren’t paid to spend that much time at the event.  In fact, right after Paul spoke to the gathering and received thunderous applause from hundreds, those same hundreds got up and left the building; their work day done.

The man has this straw poll buying thing down to a science.

1)  Herman Cain continues to give Mitt Romney all he can handle and more, and

2)  Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign may very well be headed for the dumper sooner, rather than later.  If he doesn’t inject himself into this campaign in a positive manner soon, he might just as well head back to Austin.

3)  Michelle Bachman’s run is over and done, and

4)  Rick Santorum’s stock seems to be going up.  He’s openly seeking Sarah Palin’s endorsement and just mentioning her name may have helped.

5)  Mitt Romney nearly dead last with 4%???  You mean the LSM’s preferred candidate?  Hmmmmmmm...

The Face Of The “Occupy Wall Street” Crowd - Pun Intended

By Dell

This is photographic proof of the intelligence level inherent in those taking part in the Occupy Wall Street “movement”.  It goes without saying that this “movement” is totally disgusting.

Are those Nikes  - from the capitalist world - you’re wearing there, Bub?

How Long Before Adult Incest Becomes “A Right”?

By Dell

Everything from homes to jobs to a car to an education to sharing the wealth to same-sex marriage seems to have become a right these days.  All apparently coming under the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” clause in our Bill of Rights.

I hate to even broach the subject, but how long will it be before there’s an organized political movement to legalize adult incest in the United States?  

I’m suggesting to you that it won’t be long, what with the legalization of same-sex civil unions, marriages (please don’t tell me the Defense of Marriage Act will prevent this from taking place.  The federal government is NOT enforcing that law), and same-sex couples can legally adopt children.

Please don’t believe what I say; use your favorite search engine and research “the right to adult incest”.  You might be surprised to learn that this topic is not only being considered, it’s already legal in some selected countries.

Here’s a direct link to a blog which addresses real life adult incest and seems to me to be advocating in favor.  Fair warning; the subject matter and discussion may not be suitable for all audiences.  Click right here.

For the record, I’m NOT in favor of legalizing incest - whether it’s by consenting adults or anyone else, but I’m afraid we’ll be dealing with this question in the very near future.

Dell’s Exit Question:  If you have sex with your mother and she delivers a baby as the result, are you the father, brother or both?

Blog Comment of The Year

By Dell

Hat Tip - Ace of Spades HQ

The Obama administration is trying every political trick in the book to avoid oversight scrutiny in the Solyndra Affair to deflect responsibility for the total waste of over a half-billion dollars in federal loans to a company that went bankrupt just a few weeks later.

The President addressed the lame stream media in a press conference this past week and said “..But the process by which the decision was made was on the merits.  It was straightforward.  And of course there were going to be debates internally when you’re dealing with something as complicated as this.”

He was trying desperately to convince us that the decision to lend Solyndra a huge amount of money was given great review within his administration, and that there were some “debates internally when you’re dealing with something as complicated as this”.

Now, recall just a few short years back and consider the fact that President George W. Bush had national security council evidence indicating that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.  That evidence was shared with congressional leaders and the decision to attack Iraq was made with congressional approval.  With the exception of a quantity of nerve gas, the weapons of mass destruction were never found.

Most certainly there were debates internally; the Bush administration was dealing with a complicated issue.  But, the failure in locating weapons of mass destruction came down totally and squarely on Bush.  Democrats screamed “Bush Lied” and the 43rd president of the United States absorbed 100% of the fault.

If Obama is right; that he’s not at fault for this incredibly expensive and embarrassing error and Democrats were right in proclaiming Bush 100% responsible for no WMD in Iraq, consider this:

“So, didn't the media establish, with the internal decision on whether Iraq had WMD, that if the president went with the majority decision in a complicated matter, and the majority was wrong, he was still 100% to blame?” - Commenter 18-1 at Ace of Spades HQ ONT.

You see, it only matters what party you’re talking about when it comes to finding fault.  Democrats, like Obama, are never at fault for anything.  Republicans, like Bush, are at fault for everything.  Jay Carney, the president’s press secretary, went so far as to suggest that Bush was to blame for the Solyndra scandal, which is about as ridiculous as ridiculous can be.

Bring this up with the left wing loonies and they’ll change the subject immediately.

UPDATE:  And he almost gave Solyndra MORE!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Tragedy In One Act

By Dell

They hate the very things they covet most.

It may take a 2 x 4 right between the eyes, but one day these fools will figure out that those "evil corporations" are not the enemy.

The Cold Hard Facts Leading To Obama

Occupy Wall Street didn't "just happen", as the LMS would have you believe.  Watch this video and learn the truth.

I've Got Your "Change" Right Here

Those who openly seek to destroy the United States from within lecture the Frances Fox Piven strategy to bring about President Obama's "Change".  The video courtesy of The Blaze.

This is exactly the style of indoctrination supported by Chicago based community organizers. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to "Dell's Bottom Line".

Welcome to "Dell's Bottom Line".

My name is Dell Hill. I'm a retired former police officer and have several years experience in commercial radio broadcasting.  I currently live in my home State of Vermont, and I'm the same Dell Hill that co-blogged with Jane Jamison at the very popular web site for over two years.

While writing with Jane, I seldom had to be concerned about widgets, trinkets and doo-dads associated with the appearance and layout of the blog. All of that has changed. The responsibility for maintaining the technical end of this blog rests with me, and it's all starting to come together.  Despite my advanced years, I learn something new every day!

Some of the things you'll notice:  The Revolver Map plots the location of each individual visitor to the blog.  It's kinda' cool to see visitors from every corner of the globe.  Each red dot is the location of a blog visitor.

You're welcome to comment on any post that is not "closed to comments".  Unfortunately, I have to moderate the comments before allowing them to be published.  I don't mind publishing opinions opposite of my own, in fact I encourage all opinions to be heard.  But, I will not allow childish ad hominem, off topic SPAM, and if you can't comment with a civil tongue, you might as well save your energy because your comment won't be published.

Guest Bloggers:  From time to time I'll be publishing posts from guest bloggers.  I believe it's always a good idea to have a variety of voices and opinions.  That helps us all better understand the issues of these crucial times.  Richard Falknor, who writes at the Blue Ridge Forum blog and was a guest blogger at Uncoverage, has accepted my invitation to be featured here.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in becoming a guest writer, contact me at the E-mail address below.

My first official post is a tribute to Jane Jamison, my good friend and co-blogger for over two years.  I hope you'll take the time to read it.

Contact Information:  If you have a need to contact me for any reason, you may do so via E-mail:

Thanks for stopping in!  I hope you'll see fit to return many times.


Jane Jamison - 1955 - 2011

Jane Jamison - 1955 - 2011

By Dell

        Jane Jamison 1955 - 2011

Just as we rejoice and revel with good news, so we must try to find a way to accept the bad.  A person of public note has died and the circumstances surrounding her death have remained an agonizing mystery.  I hope to alleviate some of that mystery for the thousands of readers and her loyal following here.

According to the California Department of Vital Records, on or about August 27th, the lady we’ve all come to know and love as Jane Jamison died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Following an investigation by local authorities, it was determined that no foul play was involved.  An autopsy was performed to determine the exact cause of death.  

As has been written by the lady herself, Jane Jamison was a pen name that she used to protect herself and her family members from suffering retaliation by those she spoke out against, and there were many.

Yes, I know her real name, her other “stage names” (from her radio and television days), her maiden name, her address, phone number and the names of at least three of her family members.  I respectfully request that any comments on this blog NOT include any of that identifying information, for the very same reasons that Jane requested.  

As I have written previously, Jane mailed me a hand-written letter that I suspected was a birthday card, which turned out to be an explanation of her physical plight, with strong emphasis on the fact that she was very rapidly going blind.  Her explanation led me to immediately suspect some underlying medical issue, such as a possible brain tumor, which had been diagnosed and reported to her as an immediate life-threatening condition.  

Understand, please, that this was total speculation on my part, and based solely on her parting words to me in that letter.  Having been a professional investigator for nearly 30 years, I couldn’t help but wonder.

Jane gave me the name and phone number of her younger brother and instructed me to call him.  I did so immediately and it was at that moment her brother confirmed that she had already died.  He had received a similar letter from his sister that, as you would expect, went in to much greater detail.  That mailing also included a copy of her last will and testament and her official designation of him as the executor of her estate.

Based on the wording of both letters, it did not come as a great shock when the results of her untimely death was determined to be suicide.  I know - because she told me - that there were other factors in her personal life that contributed to her depressed state of mind.  I just wish there was some way I could investigate further and determine if there was an overwhelmingly compelling reason for her to take such drastic action.  

Jane Jamison was a very strong woman; some would even say totally fearless as she reported local and world events despite numerous death threats that never made it to the comments section of the web site.  I saw many of those threats and several were, in my opinion, serious enough to be reported as criminal acts of threatening behavior. I honestly don’t know if she ever filed any police reports.

Jane was divorced, raised her two daughters and lived alone after they had reached maturity and “left the nest”.  She was a firm believer in the Second Amendment and I knew she owned - and was quite proficient with - a handgun that she kept for home and self defense purposes.  She didn’t enjoy the luxury of a security detail and I know she went to great lengths to mask her travels so as not to be an easy target for some deranged person. We had talked about self defense tactics and I was confident that she was doing everything possible to protect herself.

I mention these facts here to underscore my belief that there was something other than her impending blindness that caused Jane to give up.  Unfortunately, we may never know.  I DO know that normally the words “give up” and “Jane Jamison” would never be used in the same sentence.

It was at Jane’s direction that there be no obituary published, no funeral or memorial services, and no mention of her death to be made to anyone.  I was stunned to learn that her ex-husband and daughters were not aware of her death until a month after the fact, and they learned of her death through a third party.  I knew they were not on the best of terms, but I was shocked to learn just how serious that rift was.

Jane Jamison is survived by her parents, several siblings and two daughters.  On behalf of several thousand people, we offer our sincere condolences to them all.  At her direction, Jane’s remains were cremated and her ashes delivered to her family members living in her beloved Nebraska.

Little Sister - Rest In Peace.

Obama Presidency - By The Numbers

A serious tip of the fedora to John E. at Ace of Spades HQ for the original research for this outstanding video.