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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich Body Slams CBS Reporter Scott Pelley

Newt Gingrich Body Slams CBS Reporter Scott Pelley

I Thought This Was a Debate Among The Candidates!

By Dell Hill
H/T - Ed Morrissey

The highlight of tonight’s presidential candidates debate, hosted by CBS, looked more like the final seconds of a world championship WWF match.

Veteran CBS reporter, Scott Pelley, decided to engage Newt Gingrich with a question concerning the rule of law when American citizens become involved in aggressive, war-like activity against their own country.

Ed Morrissey has our report.

“I missed tonight’s CBS debate, mainly because I spent a great evening with some of my blogging friends here at FreedomWorks’ BlogCon2011.  When I returned, though, I got a few messages about one particular moment in the debate, where CBS moderator attempted to lecture Newt Gingrich on the “rule of law” regarding American citizens who join the enemy to wage war against the US.  Big mistake.

The two worst aspects of this exchange?  The smug look on Pelley’s face when he challenged Gingrich on this point, and the “no” you can hear him utter just as Gingrich started his smackdown of Pelley.  Regardless of the context of this exchange, this is a perfect encapsulation of why these media debates are utterly worthless, and why the Republican Party needs to force a format change.  Pelley isn’t running for President, and we don’t need to have Pelley debating the presidential candidates.  We need them to debate each other.  It’s only made more ridiculous when a moderator-turned-participant ends up as far out of his depth as Pelley was on this question.”

Amen, Ed, Amen!!

Another Death Results in Occupy Salt Lake City Shut Down

Another Death Results in Occupy Salt Lake City Shut Down

Local Media List The Death In Paragraph #5.

By Dell Hill

At least for the moment, Occupy Salt Lake City Utah is history.

You’ll notice that the death of a human being managed to make it to paragrahph #5 of this report “somewhat slanted” report.

“Three main Occupy SLC organizers were arrested at Pioneer Park around 7 p.m., after attempting to re-erect a tent after Salt Lake City police officers had cleared the tent village.

Jesse Fruhwirth, Michael Wilson and Rachel Carter moved to the southeast corner of the park and began pitching a blue tent. Officers immediately apprehended and handcuffed the trio. As they were led to a police van, park protesters shouted: "Thank you, Jesse." "Thank you, Michael." "Thank you, Rachel."

The organizers’ resistance was the closest thing to a standoff in the 90 minutes since a massive squadron of more than 70 officers from Salt Lake City and County arrived at the park about 5:30 p.m. As of 8 p.m., 19 people had been arrested during the sweep of the park.

Police Chief Chris Burbank executed the action after Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and officials from the police, parks, public works and other agencies discussed the situation.

The city’s order to vacate the park was handed down Friday, just hours after a homeless man was found dead in a tent, apparently due to carbon monoxide poisoning and a drug overdose.”

Will Veteran’s Day Fade?

Will Veteran’s Day Fade?

“All this military history and much more should be part of our national conversation – - not topics relegated to the archives of academics and locked away from school children.”

By Guest Blogger Richard Falknor
    @ Blue Ridge Form

Will Veterans Day Fade When Only A Few Still Grasp Why?

“Readers likely lose patience with the endless on-line Veterans Day Weekend platitudes politicians and pundits view as obligatory around November 11.  Consequently we’ll try to get right to the point.

Our civic life is in grave danger from the neglect of our American heritage by taxpayer-supported schools and worse, taxpayer-supported schools of education.

This education malpractice in transmitting our heritage is nurtured in political correctness or cultural Marxism.

This malpractice deprives coming generations of students of any serious understanding of the history of our freedoms and institutions, our religious tradition, our achievements in enterprise, invention, and agriculture, and our military victories and setbacks.

Such popular understanding is vital to maintain support for preserving our national sovereignty in the face of fierce globalist efforts to dilute it away.
Of course, the GOP is unlikely to confront the larger problem of the Left manipulating the curriculum – - what Mary Grabar calls the “brainwashing of America.”

But that is a subject for another day.

What we conservatives can do ourselves and do now is teach ourselves, our families, our children, about the victories, hardships, misadventures, and traditions of our fighting men and women since the colonial wars in New England and the beginnings of the Republic.

We can talk with our friends and colleagues about about the complexities of the Barbary Wars (with their implications for today) and  the “Shores of Tripoli.”

We can try to understand how Abraham Lincoln managed his generals – at least that Republican didn’t promise to “talk to his generals” before he could figure out what to do.

We can try to learn some lessons from the many-front struggle with Germany, Italy, and the Empire of Japan in World War II.

We can remember the fearful price we paid in Korea from post-World-War-II neglect (scroll down) of our forces.

Most of all, we can appreciate the skill and endurance of our forces from Roger’s Rangers in the French and Indian War, to Washington’s crossing to Trenton, to Joshua Chamberlain at Gettysburg, to Torpedo Eight at Midway, and to the epic Marine breakout from the Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

All this military history and much more should be part of our national conversation – - not topics relegated to the archives of academics and locked away from school children.”

Dell Notes:  All of those who know me....or are getting to know me....know full well that I agree with every word Richard has written here.  Shying away from our military history will not change it.  Our posterity needs to know that millions have given their lives so that they will live in freedom.

Cain Holds Slight Lead Over Romney & Gingrich In CBS Poll

Cain Holds Slight Lead Over Romney & Gingrich In CBS Poll

Plus:  Commentary From The Elderly Blogger

By Dell Hill

Yesterday we gave you the very latest Rasmussen Poll results for the field of Republican candidates; today we post the latest CBS numbers.

CBS News Poll analysis by the CBS News Polling Unit: Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus and Anthony Salvanto.

Four out of ten Republicans believe Mitt Romney would be the most likely candidate to beat President Obama in the general election, according to a new CBS News poll.

Romney, who has lingered at or near the top of the polls since the beginning of the 2012 presidential race, led Herman Cain by a 2-to-1 margin with 40 percent support.

Cain trailed in the category with just 20 percent, followed by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, each with six percent. Thirteen percent of respondents said they didn't know which candidate was most likely to beat Mr. Obama.

Preview: GOP candidates ready for CBS News/National Journal debate

Electability, however, was not most Republicans' top priority when selecting a candidate: 58 percent said they believe it's more important to have a nominee who agrees with them on the issues than one who can beat Mr. Obama next year. Thirty-nine percent said the opposite.


But the race could still change; seven in 10 Republican primary voters say it is still too early to say for sure which candidate they will support.

This view appears to have helped Cain, who continues to lead Romney and Newt Gingrich overall -- though his numbers have slipped since sexual misconduct allegations against him surfaced in late October and November. Eighteen percent of respondents said they would support Cain for the GOP presidential nomination, while 15 percent said the same of each Romney and Gingrich.

Poll: Cain tops 3-way race with Romney, Gingrich
Is Cain losing ground among GOP women?

Rick Perry trailed with 8 percent support, and was followed by Ron Paul, who won five percent. Michele Bachmann, meanwhile, earned only four percent support.

Cain leads Romney and Gingrich among Republican voters who think it's more important that a candidate share their positions on issues; Romney leads among those who say electability is more important.

Forty percent of Republican primary voters said they prefer a nominee who has experience mostly in the business or private sector, as opposed to 14 percent who prefer a nominee with a mostly political background. Forty-one percent say it doesn't matter.

Republican voters also ranked Romney as the most qualified Republican contender to be commander-in-chief, with 26 percent support. He was followed by Gingrich, with 21 percent, and then Cain, with 11 percent.

Gingrich, meanwhile, was ranked most trustworthy in handling an international crisis, earning 31 percent support to Romney's 15 percent.
Romney, with 17 percent, and Cain, with 13 percent, came out on top as the candidates who most represent voters' values; Bachmann followed with 10 percent support.

Still, two months before the Iowa caucuses, most voters say it's still too early to say for sure who they'll vote for in the primary contests. The total number of undecided voters, plus those who volunteer that they'd like "someone else," is up five points from last month, to 31 percent from 26 percent. And seven in 10 Republican voters who do pick a candidate say it's too early to say that their minds are made up.”

Dell’s Note:  You can count me among the seven in 10 who say “it’s too early to say that their minds are made up”.

Personally, I believe it’s fool-hardy to put all of your chips in front of any one particular candidate this early in the process.  Your mileage may vary.

There is so very much that can change between now and election day...and certainly between now and the nominating conventions...that could cause everyone to do a double face-palm and back away from the entire process out of exasperation.

We also have an on-going opponent bashing thing happening that’s totally counter productive to everything we strive for.  Instead of attacking the political ideology of President Barack Obama, many are attacking each other and their own personal favorite candidates.  Without realizing the fact, you’re playing right in to the Democrat’s hand.  A divided opponent is exactly what they want.  It would assure them of victory in November 2012.

My advice right now?

Thank you for asking.

Eliminate Ron Paul completely.  He’s not a Republican, he’s a Libertarian who’s foreign policy would result in Israel being destroyed, not to mention any and all American allies with whom we have signed treaties.  So many of his ideas and statements regarding domestic issues are worthwhile to consider, but his isolationism on the world scene is a bridge too far.  Anyone who says that Iran is not a concern for the United States will learn, in time, that Iran is one of the major concerns of the United States and her allies in the Middle East.

Don’t....and I repeat...Don’t elimininate ANY legitimate candidate completely.  Poll numbers not withstanding, the nomination process and even the election itself are the only place where the entire electorate gets to have its say.  The candidates themselves will know when it’s time to throw in the towel - and some won’t do so until the final ticket is approved at the conventions.  

There is one other consideration.  The position of Vice President is also to be determined.  That position usually is offered to one of the finalists in the presidential campaign.  To attack and totally destroy any one of the legitimate candidates would seriously impair his or her Vice Presidential credentials.

Stop looking for the perfect candidate.  Conservatives (and I count myself among them) have been too busy trying to destroy every candidate except their own.  That’s not going to help matters next November.

We have to remember that the strong Conservative movement in this country only encompasses a certain percentage of voters.  We are NOT in the majority on the Right and it’s highly unlikely that we will take over that majority for at least another election cycle.  Therefore, it’s not wise to expect even the RINOs to embrace a strong Conservative to head the Republican ticket.  We don’t like thinking in those terms, but it’s reality and we have to face that reality.  It will be some time before the six current Republican US Senators - known as the “Gang of Six” - can be replaced by Conservative voices.

That doesn’t mean we give up the fight.  The fight must continue, but we have to understand we’re not going to win them all.
 Veterans Support Duly Noted
By Dell Hill
On a personal note: It was great to see the outpouring of sentiment in support of our Veterans - not only on Veteran's Day itself, but for days leading up to it. There has always been a core group of support, but this year it seems that many more Americans have come to realize and appreciate the incredible sacrifice that Veterans and their families make to ensure our freedoms. That, in my opinion, is a good thing.

Under any 'worst case scenario', it won't be a political party that saves us. It won't be labor unions that save us. It won't be Washington politicians who save us. It will be solely up to the United States military to once again answer the call and do what it does better than any military in the world.

We seriously need to remember that fact every day of every year.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11s Are Wild In Tennessee Birth

11s Are Wild In Tennessee Birth

By Dell Hill
                                                      Nothing like having your baby born on 11-11-11....but at 11:11?   In room # 11?       
Today is a special day to honor our Veterans, but it is also a unique one since the calendar reads 11-11-11.

One East Tennessee newborn has quite the birth story.

"They said let's have a baby tomorrow and that was it," said Jennifer Raymer.

Jennifer's doctors recommended inducing labor on Friday. However, what no one planned was the time of the baby's arrival.

Baby Brody James made his debut at 11:11 on Friday morning. To top it off, he was born inside Room 11 in the maternity ward at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

Brody's parents said all the 11's are exciting, but that is not what is most important to them.

"It could have been today or yesterday or tomorrow and it wouldn't have mattered. It's just, we're glad he's here," said Jennifer Raymer.

"We're very excited. We've been very blessed with four children now. And the significance of this day in our eyes was more about him and his health. All the 11 stuff is great, but we were concerned about him first and foremost," explained father Jamie Raymer.

The Raymers' did jokingly suggest that Coach Derek Dooley leave the Vols No. 11 jersey available in about 18 years.”

Perry Pulls 25/61 Favorability Poll - Now Lower Than Ron Paul

Perry Pulls 22/63 Favorability Poll - Now Lower Than Ron Paul

Fund Raising Said To Be “Drying Up”

By Dell Hill

Apparently the likely voters have seen and heard enough of Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The last Rasmussen poll of likely voters left Perry with a dismal 25% favorable and 61% with an unfavorable rating for the Republican presidential candidate after successive poor showings in televised debates. Among those who identified themselves as Independents, the numbers are slightly worse - 22/63.

AllahPundit at Hot Air takes a closer look.

“Nice big sample of 1,000 likely voters. To put this in perspective, Palin’s favorable numbers have been cited for the past two years as proof that she couldn’t get elected — and Perry’s numbers here are worse than hers were in nearly every poll that’s ever been taken on her. Among independents (whom Rasmussen polls as “others” when asking about party), he’s at 22/63. I’m mystified. He’s been dreadful in the debates and he messed up badly with his crack about the heartlessness of denying in-state tuition to illegals, but he’s a likable enough guy. Even Ron Paul manages 35/50 in this poll and he has tons of detractors in the mainstream of both parties. And the worst part for Perry is that Ras’s poll was taken on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, after a full day of the brain fart heard ’round the world airing nonstop on cable news. If there was going to be a sympathy bump for him, we’d be seeing it here. Instead, the guy’s radioactive. What happened?”

Two words - The Debates.

Perry is obviously not a strong debate specialist and it would seem reasonable to conclude that he went from strong contender to suspect contender after stumbling out of the blocks on the televised debates.  His supporters urged everyone to discount his debate flaws and look at what he’s done for the State of Texas over the past decade.  Fair enough.  They did so, but when the stumble became a bumble - when he couldn’t remember the third federal agency he’d close down - that was undoubtedly the last straw, especially for the Independents polled.

Word also has it that Perry’s fund raising has slowed dramatically.  He’s made a major ad buy for this week in hopes of revitalizing his campaign, but with polling numbers like this it will be extremely difficult from here on out.

Occupy Burlington Vermont Shut Down

Occupy Burlington Vermont Shut Down

“A gun, drugs, alcohol -- and now one man dead are putting an end to the tent city in Burlington's City Hall Park.” - Ordinance Violations + Death = No More Occupy In Burlington

By Dell Hill

The occupy Burlington, Vermont camperee is about to end.  At least the sleep-over part, complete with a small tent city, is ending.  The details from WCAX TV, Burlington.

“Police are putting an end to the tent city inside City Hall Park. The move comes after one man died from a gun shot wound at the park and authorities say protesters ignored a series of city ordinances.

A gun, drugs, alcohol -- and now one man dead are putting an end to the tent city in Burlington's City Hall Park.

"Right now we don't give a dam about our tents, we want our movement to go on. It is about our brother, it is about us standing together," said Emily Reynolds, an Occupy Vermont participant.

On Thursday 35-year old Joshua Pfenning died from a gun shot wound, suspected to be self-inflicted, inside a tent at the Occupy Vermont Camp in the park.

"The presence of structures and tents, we believe, now creates an enhanced risk by virtue of the activity that can and is occurring inside them," said Burlington Police Chief Mike Schirling. Chief Schirling says he's working with protesters to return remaining tents that are currently roped off as part of the crime scene connected to the shooting. "This risk cannot in our estimation be managed by either the encampment facilitators or police under current circumstances," he said.

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss and Chief Schirling say they're working with protestors to ensure their rights to be in the park, while keeping an eye out for the public's safety.

"I think it is a national event addressing issues around economic and social justice, I think we can all reflect on," Mayor Kiss said.

Chief Schirling says his department has no plans right now to beef up staff in the park in anticipation of future problems.

Reporter Keith McGilvery: "Why not just clear these tents out today?"

Chief Mike Schirling: "Primarily because provoking a conflict is something that we have sought to avoid since day one, so the best way to solve most problems, whether they are this kind of scenario or we are in a crisis situation with someone who is holding hostages, is to negotiate."

So far Occupy participants have had little to say about what the elimination of their campsite will mean for their movement.  A group held a vigil Friday at 5 p.m. at the park paying tribute to Joshua Pfenning, the 35-year-old military veteran that died Thursday.”

Next Stop, Mars!

Next Stop, Mars!

“The rover, nicknamed Curiosity, weighs in at nearly 1 ton and is a little bigger than a Mini Cooper”

By Dell Hill

Next Stop, Mars!

Image: NASA/Glenn Benson

The Mars Science Laboratory, the largest and most complex machine that has ever landed on another planet, is on target to launch on Nov. 25 at 7:25 a.m. PST.

“MSL has been assembled, tested, encapsulated, placed atop an ATLAS rocket and is ready to go,” said Doug McCuistion, director of NASA’s Mars Program, during a briefing at NASA headquarters on Nov. 10.

The rover, nicknamed Curiosity, weighs in at nearly 1 ton and is a little bigger than a Mini Cooper. The probe is expected to survey the Martian landscape with HD cameras, examine the chemical surface composition within 20 feet of the rover, monitor the planet’s weather, and search for signs of habitability and life, past or present.

Curiosity also has a six-foot arm that can reach down to place sensors on Martian rocks to investigate their chemical makeup. It will be able to drill inside rocks and deliver samples back to a suite of laboratory instruments carried inside the rover, something never done before in Mars.

“This is a Mars scientists’ dream machine,” said Ashwin Vasavada, MSL deputy project scientist, at the briefing.

MSL’s mission is geared toward investigating the possibility of life on Mars. It will look for organic chemistry and determine if its landing site, Gale crater, could have ever had water or other materials capable of supporting organisms.

The 100-mile-wide Gale crater is composed of layered rock, with the bottom layers made of clays and sulfates, and upper layers containing Martian dust. The area should provide lots of data on the early history of Mars and changes that the whole planet has experience over time.
Once launched, MSL will cruise for eight and a half months to the Red Planet, where it will descend to the surface in August 2012 using an elaborate landing system. It will enter the Martian atmosphere at more than 1,000 mph, parachute to the ground, fire rockets to slow its descent and then hover 600 feet above the ground and lower the rover down on a “sky crane.”

The rover will explore the Martian surface for at least two years and should provide the best data ever obtained about the planet.

“We’re expecting tremendous results,” said MSL project manager Pete Theisinger.