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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Elderly Blogger Hauls In Big Bucks!

Elderly Blogger Hauls In Big Bucks!

By Dell Hill

It’s A Good Thing I Go To The Bank Armed!!!

This “professional blogging” may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to check into my Google AdSense account and find out how many dollars I’ve made by agreeing to let a variety of businesses and politicians advertise on my blog.  Was that ever depressing!

I remember Jane telling me that during her very best months she averaged about seven dollars ($7) per week from Google.  Guess what?  She was quite right.

In November the blog earned $46.76, but it dropped off something wicked in December to just $15.32.  I guess y’all didn’t click on many of the ads in December, huh?

Well, anyway, as your third grader can plainly tell you, the blog has “earned” $62.08 for two months worth of advertising 24/7.  An average of $7.76 per week...or, as I like to figure it, about one tenth of one cent per hour of work.

Somebody is making money, but it sure as Hell isn’t me!

Is it any wonder that Conservative bloggers are dropping off the Internet in droves?  

Liberal blog sites are sponsored by very well-to-do, Liberal Democrats.  Conservative bloggers are financially supported by NO ONE.  Even the major Conservative bloggers have to “rattle the tip jar” for donations just to pay the monthly costs of operation.  Those big outfits take in much better money from advertising, but there really aren’t all that many who could earn even a meager living on the Conservative side of the aisle.  Breitbart, yes; Dell, no.

I’m not whining.  I’ll keep my shoulder to the wheel as long as I can and hope to play some small part in the election of a new president next November.  But, if David Koch is reading this, how about helping the very people who are doing the most to get Conservative candidates elected???  You’d be a helluva lot better off supporting Conservative bloggers than making outrageous donations to the Republican National Committee so they can spend all of that money getting RINOs elected.


Mr. Koch?



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