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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iranian Naval Firepower Revealed! - Exclusive ‘Secret Weapon’ Photo Included

Iranian Naval Firepower Revealed! -

Exclusive ‘Secret Weapon’ Photo Included

By Dell Hill

You’ve heard the news.  It really wasn’t unexpected.

Iran’s mental midget, SpiffyInMyDinnerJacket has told the world he will block oil shipments at the Strait of Hormuz if the UN proceeds with further sanctions against his nuclear weapons seeking country.

And he has major military firepower to back up that threat!

Three Iranian submarines in attack formation.  The surface vessel carries the air hoses, flippers, oars and snorkel tubes.

The United States Navy just happens to have a few nuclear powered boats to counter this fearsome trio.

The nuclear powered attack submarine USS Michigan, for instance.  Now THAT’S a submarine!

We can also reveal here, exclusively, the Iranian’s secret war machine, commonly known as the “Truckmarine”.  If it floats, it’s a destroyer; if it sinks, it’s a submarine.

As you can see, it’s the Iranian’s once-a-month laundry day.  The crew is “changing underwear”.  The guy on the left changes with the guy on the right, etc.

Meanwhile, the United States military counters with a “welcoming committee” of it’s own.

Come and get you some, fool!

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