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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dallas TV Reporter Suggests “Armed Man” Approached Bush

Dallas TV Reporter Suggests “Armed Man” Approached Bush

That’s Simply Not What Happened

By Dell Hill

I get rather upset when the news media make up stuff just to make a rather dull ‘story’ sound exciting or dramatic.

Watch this report from WFAA TV, Channel 8 in Dallas and then stick around for a question or two regarding this sloppy report.


“Dallas police sources told News 8 that police were called to the 10000 block of Daria Place by the request of the Secret Service. They detained a man who was believed to be armed with a gun.” (underscore added).

Rebecca Lopez said that, but is that actually what police believed, or were told?  We don’t know because Ms. Lopez failed to tell us, but later in the report we learn, simply, that Dallas police found a gun in the man’s glove compartment and he has a concealed carry permit from the State of Texas.

Again, Ms. Lopez doesn’t tell us, but it’s reasonable to conclude that the man voluntarily consented to the search of his car and undoubtedly told Dallas police that his handgun was in the glove compartment.  There’s absolutely nothing illegal or even suspicious about this series of events.

Now which is it?  Was the man actually “armed” or was the fact that he had a weapon in the glove compartment the basis for that statement?  There’s a huge difference.

Having a weapon in one’s glove compartment - rather than on his person - does NOT constitute or justify the accusation that he was “armed”.  In fact, such an argument would be so quickly thrown out of criminal court it would make your head spin.  A weapon in one’s glove compartment doesn’t even constitute “within easy reach”.

What you’re seeing here is a reporter purposely suggesting something untoward was going on and that a man with a gun was somehow threatening the former President.  By her own admission, the Secret Service saw no threat, so why even suggest it?

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