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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Virginia Voters Have Only Mitt Romney or Ron Paul - No Gingrich, No Santorum (and no write-ins!)

Virginia Voters Have Only Mitt Romney or Ron Paul - No Gingrich, No Santorum (and no write-ins!)

Virginia “Mess” Continues

By Dell Hill & Guest Blogger, Richard Falknor @Blue Ridge Forum

With the March 6th Republican primary in Virginia just over a month away, voters appear to have just TWO choices - Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.  Our man on the scene in the First State, Richard Falknor, has an update, and it’s not pretty.

VA GOP Primary Mess Continues: Still Limited to Mitt v. Ron

The last hope for Virginia conservatives to vote for one of their own in the  March 6, 2012 presidential primary lies in the timely passage of state senator Frank W. Wagner’s SB 510 allowing write-in voting in that election.

By conservative, we mean those who believe the next president should be committed to the long march toward downsizing government and curtailing the administrative state, strengthening our Judeo-Christian culture, and maintaining a strong defense.

The bill is an emergency measure (see article IV, section 13 in foregoing link) requiring four-fifths approval in both chambers and the governor’s assent if it to take effect before the March 6 presidential primary.

Today we learned from the Virginia Beach Republican’s staff that a hearing on his bill is slated for next Tuesday, January 31, at 4 PM before the full Privileges and Elections panel.

No, we cannot find a companion emergency bill in the House of Delegates.

We are, moreover, surprised — given the intensity of feeling about the restricted choice in the GOP Virginia presidential primary — that this Wagner bill has no co-patrons.

While the chances of its enactment for this presidential primary are remote, what is the message our grass-roots voters send if we do not get behind SB 510 in some strength at next Tuesday’s hearing?

Just another victory for the RPV Machine? We can hear the Party sachems now: “The base is all hat and no cattle. Ignore them.

See our posts on the Virginia GOP primary here, here,  here, here and here.

Dell’s Bottom Line:

We haven’t heard the last of this most embarrassing situation...Not by a long shot.

Virginia will elect 49 National Delegates and 14 Alternates. Each of Virginia's 11 Congressional Districts will elect between 4 and 7 National Delegates and one Alternate. The remaining Delegates and 3 Alternates will be elected at the State Convention.  Another 18 National Delegates are Party Leaders and Elected Officials who are "automatic" delegates by virtue of their offices (e.g., Governor, Democratic National Committee member).  More commonly referred to as “Super Delegates”.

Virginia’s Governor, Bob McDonnell, has publicly endorsed Mitt Romney and the state government doesn’t really seem to care that their state’s primary is rapidly turning into a total disgrace for all concerned.

This could turn out to be a devastating blow to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum’s chances to win the nomination, assuming both are still candidates on Super Tuesday.  On the other hand, it could turn out to be a great day for Mitt Romney.

What an Ugly Mess!

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