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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kidney Stones Sideline Elderly Blogger

Just so y'all know; I had both kidneys rid of kidney stones on Wednesday and am still a little "under the weather" today.  Had to break down and use the pain meds the doctor prescribed.  It may be another day or two before I'm back in the saddle.  Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.  I appreciate every one of you far more than you know. - DRH


  1. I know how you feel, I have had a 9mm kidney stone with a stent in place since October, will have lithotripsy this week to break it up. The pain at times has been brutal (I refuse to take anymore percocets) and now take Tylenol 3's.

    Best of luck,

    JB in Florida

  2. Had my lithotripsy, went real well, feeling better already. Hope you feel the same.


  3. Haven't heard from you in quite awhile now. I hope thing are OK.

    Stay strong Vermonter.

  4. JB & Toaster, Thanks!

    JB, I'm glad to hear all went well. Through my own experience, I was praying for success for your lithotripsy procedure. I had a big stone in my right kidney blasted and it appears they got it all. The left kidney was scoped and quite a bit of scar tissue from previous stones removed. The recovery process has taken a toll, to be sure.

    Toaster, I'm fighting like Hell and hanging in there, just as you'd expect I would. I'd like to say I'm winning the battle, but I'd say right now it's a tie.

    Thank you both for your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes.


  5. Hope you're getting better Dell! Miss you.

    Marcia Holtsclaw