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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

VA No-Shariah-Here Bill In Play: Will MD Man Up Soon?

VA No-Shariah-Here Bill In Play: Will MD Man Up Soon?

By Guest Blogger, Richard Falknor

VA No-Shariah-Here Bill In Play: Will MD Man Up Soon?

UPDATE FEBRUARY 7!  “Much skullduggery is afoot in Richmond!” Pamela Geller highlights activist Jim Lafferty’s warning.

Virginia U.S. Senate primary candidate and long-time independent-thinking Republican delegate Bob Marshall is the patron (sponsor) of HB 825, limiting the application of foreign law in Virginia courts or administrative proceedings.

Today Marshall reports:

“My HB 825 ( provides that no Virginia court or administrative agency may apply foreign law unless required or authorized by the US or Virginia Constitutions or federal or Virginia law.  HB 825 passed the Courts Committee 10-6 Friday (2-3-12) despite a barrage of misinformation.  (Two Republicans opposed HB 825, one Democrat voted yes.)  I anticipate vigorous opposition when it is debated on the floor of the House of Delegates, possibly as early as this coming Tuesday! [Highlighting and underscoring Forum’s]

The portion of HB 825 dealing with Virginia courts is virtually identical to a bill in Congress (HR 973) introduced by Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) which has 84 co-sponsors including seven Chairmen of House Committees, one former Attorney General of California now in Congress, two Committee Vice Chairmen, and five Virginia Republican Members of Congress.

Please read my analysis below and forward this email to your friends and then contact your member of the VA House of Delegates ASAP:  

[Contact your delegate:]

Readers are urged carefully to review Marshall’s entire report.

Here is last Friday’s committee vote in the House of Delegates Courts of Justice panel on HB 825.

Meanwhile the Adams Center (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) urges their faithful here to —
“Oppose VA HB 825. VA HB 825 could Potentially infringe on Religious Freedom and Business Community.”

For background on the American Law for American Courts movement, see their guiding principles and model statute here

“The goal of the American Laws for American Courts Act is a clear and unequivocal application of what should be the goal of all state courts: No U.S. citizen or resident should be denied the liberties, rights, and privileges guaranteed in our constitutional republic.  

American Laws for American Courts is needed especially to protect women and children, identified by international human rights organizations as the primary victims of discriminatory foreign laws.
By promoting American Laws for American Courts, we are preserving individual liberties and freedoms which become eroded by the encroachment of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, such as Shariah.”

Faithful readers will recall and perhaps revisit two of our related articles Which Will The GOP Support:“Soft” Shariah or Free Speech? and Time to Man Up on Political Islam.”

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