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Sunday, December 4, 2011

#Occupy Hartford Tried To Hide Sexual Assault

#Occupy Hartford Tried To Hide Sexual Assault

By Dell Hill

Hat Tip - Verum Serum

In the comments section on Facebook, I made a statement to the effect that I believe there have been more deaths associated with the #Occupy encampments than have been reported to, or by, law enforcement agencies.  The very same goes for sexual assaults and other crimes.

And this is how the protesters go about preventing a negative opinion of their movement....

Occupy Hartford Tried to Keep Sexual Assault Quiet

John on December 3, 2011 at 11:31 am
“From NBC Connecticut, word that police received an anonymous tip that there had been a sexual assault at the camp.  When they located the victim in the camp, she told them that a man had “aggressively” kissed her neck and groped her breasts.  But recall that it wasn’t the victim who called police:

When asked why no one from Occupy Hartford, including the victim reported the sex assault to police, they told officers they did not want to draw any negative attention to their cause.

The groper had fled the scene and police say they do not know if he was part of the camp or not.  Obviously I don’t know either, but given their express concern for avoiding negative attention to the camp, there’s still a chance he was a member but people just aren’t saying.”

I get it now.  A sexual deviant; a person who might attack, rape and murder any number of innocent American citizens is free to do so because some group of societal misfits doesn’t want to attract negative attention.

Sweeeeet!  And we should pay attention to this movement why?

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