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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Peak At The Blog Stats After 26 Days

A Peak At The Blog Stats After 26 Days

Just Some Of The Stats I Get To See

By Dell Hill

A sneak peak at the stats, behind the scenes at

It’s actually fun to plot all of the locations on the globe where visitors to the blog originate. I’ve seen the names of locations I’ve never heard of and most certainly couldn’t pronounce! 

The top ten list is posted below and it’s a really nice sampling of the world.  A special “hello and thanks for stopping in” to whoever is on the  vessel off the western coast of Africa.  I’ve seen you pop up on the RevolverMap globe several times and I hope you’re on our side!  I’d like to think that’s a United States Naval warship with the relative of a regular reader on board.

I don’t think anyone in Mexico is least that’s the way it looks.  I’ve seen more Canadian traffic than Mexico.  And the surprising number of hits (31) from the former Soviet Union, which matches my friends from North of the border.

United States4,082

United Kingdom40









The top referral sources (the folks who sent traffic my way) offers a couple of pleasing surprises.  I knew that a lot of traffic comes from FaceBook (Thanks, Gang!), but it was a bit of a surprise to see the referrals from the now-retired web page.

Another nice surprise was the 110 hits from Doug Ross (  Doug gave me linky love for one post and it resulted in 110 hits.  Thanks, Doug!

My tribute page to Jane Jamison has attracted the most readers by far...and that pleases me.  452 times that page has been accessed in just one month!

The total number of page views (hits) continues to be encouraging (4,615 as of this writing) and the daily average has gone up for the past ten days in a row.  Those numbers are far and away higher than I imagined they would be on day one.  Reaching 5,000 hits in the first month (and we will) is quite an accomplishment, thanks to YOU. 

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