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Friday, October 28, 2011

Will Ron Paul Run As A Third-Party Candidate?

Will Ron Paul Run As A Third-Party Candidate?

Would He Sink His Own Parties Chances To Beat Obama?

By Dell Hill

Hat Tip - Mark Levin

The Great One - Mark Levin generated a lot of political chatter today by asking his audience how they feel about Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) and the possibility that Dr. Paul might run as a third-party candidate should he not get the Republican nomination to run for president.

Paul has not said one way or the other just how he would handle that situation, which means he’s thinking along those lines at the very least.

Of course, if Paul were to run and pick up 2 or 3 or more percent of the vote, it could conceivably turn the tide in what is expected to be a nail-biter, ala the Bush/Gore race.

How do you feel about this possibility?  Do you think Ron Paul would turn his back on the Republican nominee and risk becoming the reason Barack Obama won re-election?

This is an important question because there isn’t a political analyst worth his salt who thinks Paul has even a glimmer of hope to win the nomination.

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