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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sex Still Sells At AOL

Sex Still Sells At AOL

Former Internet Giant Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

By Dell Hill

You remember AOL.  Probably most of the country signed on to the “You’ve Got Mail” guy and used an incredibly ancient dial-up connection to access the Internet.  I know I did...Many moons ago.  Well a strange thing happened to America Online - they went to the dogs and even the latest reincarnation of AOL as the Huffington Post Lite won’t be enough to revive it.

The new boss - Arianna Huffington - has converted the former family-friendly AOL into a really cheap version of TMZ and several other half-hour TV shows that feature nearly naked men and women.  Huffington is living proof that sex sells...But it won’t last long.

As proof of my claim, just check out one of today’s featured pages at the AOL web site.

Everywhere you look you’ll find photo spreads of nearly naked men and mostly women - the more revealing, the better.  The major problem with this type of web site whoring is that it constantly pushes the envelope.  They’ve gone from “wardrobe malfunctions” by Janet Jackson, to nearly full on frontal nudity every day on every page.  In an effort to out-do the other guy, they’ve wandered far over the line of decency on many occasions.

If you really need to know the secrets of life, just indulge in an AOL video that’s sure to provide the perfect education - especially for the teen set.

AOL is just one of several former great web sites that have chosen the perverted segment of society to appeal to and their very existence is now seriously in jeopardy.  If AOL lasts one more year, I’ll be truly surprised.  A few news stories scattered among hundreds of pictures of naked people will result in a new slogan - “You’ve Got Fail”.

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