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Sunday, October 30, 2011

“Cabbage Night” Frolics Vermont Style

“Cabbage Night” Frolics Vermont Style

This Story May or May Not Be True

By Dell Hill

It was the night before Halloween....In my part of the world that’s “Cabbage Night”....and quite mysteriously some really wild and whacky things happen on that night.

I was about 13 years old.  Not a good age to let your teenage son outdoors at night, and certainly not on Cabbage Night!

I warned my mother not to let me out, but I sneaked out anyway.

About a dozen buddies and I thought it would be great fun to climb to the top of the steepest street in the city and roll tires down the hill.  Not the smartest idea we ever had.

The first few tires went bouncing down the quarter-mile incline, gaining speed all the way.  (Don’t worry, we made sure no cars were coming UP the hill when we let each tire roll.  Whadda ya think we were, stupid?)

We saved one special tire for last.  It was heavy.  Probably because it still had lots of air in it and it was still mounted on a truck rim!

I had the honors and with a mighty shove, sent it on its way.

I’ve never seen anything roll that fast and bounce that high in my life.

As it neared the bottom of the hill it hit something and took a crazy flight sharply to the left, went at least thirty feet in the air and we watched in horror as it hit the front porch of a house!

The homeowner said it sounded like an explosion as that big old truck tire and rim slammed first into his porch railing and then caromed around from wall to wall just outside the front door.

I don’t believe the police ever found out who pulled that stunt.

And don’t bother calling them.  The statute of limitation has run out.

Neener, Neener, Neener......

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