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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alabama? Sure, Sounds Like Jobs To Me! South Carolina? Oh, I’m Sorry...No Jobs For You

Alabama?  Sure, Sounds Like Jobs To Me!

South Carolina?  Oh, I’m Sorry...No Jobs For You

By Dell Hill via Director Blue

The definition for Crony Capitalism should simply be “Democrats”.

Check out this sweet piece of CC; the very latest from Barack Obama and his band of outlaws from Director Blue.

“1. Alabama is a wonderfully free "right-to-work" state, which simply means it prevents unions from extracting dues from workers who do not wish to join.

2. General Electric's CEO Jeff Immelt is the poster-boy for crony capitalism, having backed Obama's rush to socialized medicine and green energy to benefit various of its business units.

3. It turns out that GE's Aviation division is breaking ground on a new factory in Alabama. And, unlike Boeing, which tried to build a factory in a right-to-work-state, the National Labor Relations Board hasn't uttered a peep. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Remember the Boeing case?

[The NRLB] wants to stop the Boeing Corporation from using its new aircraft manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Construction began in November 2009 and is almost complete... [It] has charged that Boeing's decision to build a new plant in [right-to-work] South Carolina-to expand production of its Dreamliner 787-was made in retaliation for strikes at its Everett, Washington plant...

...If Boeing is penalized from locating where costs are lowest and production most reliable, then many other companies will be charged.”

Read the entire post by Director Blue by clicking right here.

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  1. I know that if I was a resident of South Carolina I'd be on the phone ... No... Make that pounding on the doors of Senators Jim Demint and Lindsey Graham, demanding that the NLRB get its damned nose out of South Carolinian's business.