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Friday, November 4, 2011

Defending The Dream Live Streaming Here

Click on the above link and then click on "Play Video".

Confirmed Speakers

Mark Levin, Radio Host
Herman Cain, Businessman and GOP presidential hopeful
Mitt Romney, GOP presidential hopeful
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst
Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
Jonah Goldberg, New York Times best selling author
Dinesh D'Souza, Best selling author
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S. House of Representatives
Andrew Breitbart Conservative commentator and author
Carly Fiorina, former CEO Hewlett-Packard
Ken Cuccinelli Virginia Attorney General
Congressman Marsha Blackburn, U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Andy Harris, U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Mike Pompeo, U.S. House of Representatives
Ann McElhinney Conservative film maker
James O’Keefe, Conservative film maker
Bob Bowdon, Conservative film maker
John Fund, American Spectator
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Roger Hedgecock, Radio Host
Tim Phillips, AFP Foundation President
Phil Kerpen, AFP Foundation, VP for Policy

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