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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wheelchair Ramps & Sidewalks To Nowhere

Wheelchair Ramps & Sidewalks To Nowhere

“Do the rats need assistance getting from one abandoned building to another” - Facebook Comment

By Dell Hill

Strict rules to assist the handicapped have been in place for years.  We’re now quite used to seeing wheelchair accessible bathrooms - complete with heighth adjusted sinks and fixtures designed for ease of use, hallways that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, entry and exit doors that have automatic door openers so that the wheelchair bound or frail people can use the door without using 75 pounds of strength that they don’t have!  It’s all good.  It’s called being considerate and accommodating to those less fortunate.

So how do we explain this?

THIS is a classic example of your tax dollars at work.

Let’s get a direct report from MyFoxDetroit.

As the report states, it makes sense to have the intersections upgraded when an entire street is rebuilt, but from that report it certainly didn’t look like anything had been done to the streets.  The fresh “green” concrete was clearly visible, though, as was the old wooden utility pole that lists about ten degrees out of plumb.

One other observation:  The people interviewed seemed to display far more common sense than the city government officials, which makes me wonder - why are they still living in Detroit?

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