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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Always Remember: The Forgotten 15

Always Remember:  The Forgotten 15

The House Has Passed 15 Jobs Creating Bills & Harry Reid Refuses To Bring Them To The Senate Floor For Consideration.

By Dell Hill

No matter how often the President takes to the airwaves and proclaims that the Republicans in Congress have obstructed his political agenda, always remember “The Forgotten 15”.

Always remember that the Congress has had only one proposed budget submitted by this President for it’s consideration and that proposal was defeated by all 97 members of the Senate who were on hand to vote.  The measure was so bad that not one Democrat voted for it!

President Barack Obama can play all of the political games he wants, but the American people are NOT stupid.  We are paying very close attention and refuse to cower to the absurd dictatorial mutterings of a man bent on destroying this country in favor of a socialist form of government.

15 jobs creating bills have passed in the House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to bring any of them on to the floor of the Senate for consideration.  Most, if not all of those bills would attract bi-partisan support in the Senate and put thousands back to work.

Why is Harry Reid OBSTRUCTING the work of the House of Representatives?  Because his boss - the President - told him to do so. 

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