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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“Military” Joins OWS Occuturds?

“Military” Joins OWS Occuturds?

Look!  They’re In Uniform!

By Dell Hill

“We got Army SEALS actively supporting occupy!....Lots of military are with us.  Look!  See the uniforms??”

Yeah, I see the uniforms.  What makes you think that those clowns with hair down to their butt crack are “military”?

Let me clue you in, son.

If you want to look military just go to this web site:

Or here:

Want that “dress uniform” look that all the ladies love?  Just go here:

Class "A" Army

Officer Rank Pin-On Rank
Enlisted Pin-On Rank (GOLD)
Unit Citations
Medals, Ribbons, Mini Medal, Lapel Pins
Officer Ranks Uniform Epaulets
Enlisted Ranks Uniform Epaulets
Leadership Tabs
Beret Flash
Distinctive Unit Insignia
Class A Unit Patches
Enlisted Branch/U.S. Gold Lapel Disk
Regimental Crest
Chevrons for Army Dress Uniforms
Name Plate
Overseas Service Stripes
Shirt Stays
Oxford Shoes
Service Ribbons
Qualification Bars/Badges

Wanna go Navy?  Not a problem.

And remember THE most important part:
"No Military ID Required To Place Orders" online.

So, yeah, I see the uniforms...and I have one at home that looks a lot like those...But I earned mine.  I also see the clown wearing mis-matched camo and another idiot with sergeant stripes on his sleeve and captains bars on his field jacket collar.  Oh, and those medals he’s wearing are from World War II.  Just thought I’d point that out.

Now Get Off My Lawn Before I Mop The Floor With You....

PS:  It’s Navy SEALS, dip-wad.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to those of you who read the entire post. You got the "Navy SEALs" joke. Some others did not.

    I created this post to show how very easy it is to use the Internet to put ANYONE in the position of LOOKING military and, therefore, to pass themselves off as a member of our armed forces.

    Putting on the uniform doesn't make you a soldier any more than sitting in a waiting room makes you a doctor.