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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pee-Baggers Tab At $21 Million And Climbing

Pee-Baggers Tab At $21 Million And Climbing

By Dell Hill via Jim Hoft

I’m leaving the math to the “big guy” bloggers - the ones who can afford those fancy calculators and are really good with math.  (They said there would be no math on this job!).

Earlier this week the liberal media reported that the Occupy protests cost taxpayers over $13,000,000.

But the actual cost is much higher.

Verum Serum updated the total cost estimates on Wednesday.

Total: $18,450,999

And, here is the latest total of Occupation costs using Verum Serum’s totals plus more recent figures:

        – Total: Over $21,273,499

And that total, of course, does not include the income losses for the thousands of affected businesses in and around the “Pee-Baggers” encampments.

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