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Monday, November 21, 2011

Support The New Media - Don’t Click On LMS Sites

Support The New Media - Don’t Click On LMS Sites

“I believe that most conservatives are smart enough to understand what’s at stake and will support those who support them.”

By Dell Hill

To paraphrase the old Emergency Broadcast System dialogue; “This is a suggestion.  It’s only a suggestion.  If this had been an actual emergency, I would be underscoring every word of this suggestion”.

I’ve been thinking about this suggestion for some time...and just hope and pray I’ve chosen the right words, so as not to upset a great group of people.

Facebook users, in particular, and Americans generally speaking, are still still depending on the lamestream media for far too much of their “news”.  I’m seeing dozens of links every day that lead the reader right to the LSM trough of liberal political views.  That’s not good.

Over the past three years there has been a massive increase in the number of “new media” news reporters, primarily centered on Internet blogs as well as streaming audio and video presentations, which are far more in keeping with what’s actually taking place on the national and international stage.  I’m proud to be a card-carrying member of that new media.

When the new media members link or refer to a LMS item, we generally do so to present the conservative side of that report.  And the conservative viewpoint is almost always left out!

And, I’m not trying to pick on Facebook users, but we need to pay attention to the dates associated with everything we post or “share”.  I’ve seen posts of items - presented as news - that are as much as a year old.  That’s not good.  Even new media posts that are a week old are simply not news - they’re old news and have been posted many, many times.

In this day and age of the Internet, where fresh news items are posted almost instantly, we need to stay focused on today’s events...not yesterday’s or last week’s.  We also need to avoid presenting the constant viewpoints of the Liberal media.  Hammer home the conservative viewpoints and leave the Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, AOL and alphabet networks to sit wanting for hits.

There’s one other critical point to stress:

Advertising agencies place ads based on numbers.  Every time you click on a LMS link you add to that media members numbers.  If no one clicks, no advertising dollars will fill their till.  If no advertising dollars fill their till, they go out of business.  If you don’t believe that, just look at what happened to America Online.  They became desperate for funding and wound up buying the Huffington Post blog for $325 million dollars, just to offset on-going losses of advertising money.

Why not click on new media sites and send those advertising dollars to the people busting their butts to advance your own thoughts, ideas and opinions?

At the risk of being labeled a “blog whore”, I’ve purposely not included a link to my blog, nor will I include the URL.  I believe that most conservatives are smart enough to understand what’s at stake and will support those who support them.

“This concludes this suggestion....We now resume regular programming”

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