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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Was Israeli Drone A ‘Trojan Horse’?

Was Israeli Drone A ‘Trojan Horse’?

By Dell Hill

Even if this story isn’t true, it’s still within the realm of possibility for the IDF in Israel.

'Israel Responsible for Explosion in Lebanon'

“American blogger Richard Silverstein claimed on his 'Tikun Olam' blog that Israel is responsible for the blast on at a Hezbollah weapons cache in southern Lebanon Wednesday morning.

Silverstein claimed that "an authoritative Israeli source with considerable military experience" told him that the IDF used a "Trojan Horse" style trap.

A few weeks ago it was reported that an Israeli drone disappeared over Lebanon. Silverstein now claims Israel "out foxed Hezbollah" as Hezbollah brought the downed drone to its arms cache. Once inside the arms cache it was detonated, causing a massive explosion.”

Hezbollah officials were not available for comment.

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