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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zoo-Cotti Park In Pictures

Zoo-Cotti Park In Pictures

(Including The Bonus Wedding Photo!)

By Dell Hill

As you might expect, the occupy wall street protest involves an extremely wide variety of human flesh and blood - everything from babies rolled in in shopping carts to old hippies who “don’t know what to do...should he hold on to the past or grab on to the new”.

In that vein, El Marco took to Zucotti (Now affectionately known as Zoo-Cotti Park) Park in New York City to photograph the participants.  He has a photo essay online and you should take a look.  You may do so by clicking right here.   There are many photos and it may take a minute or two for the page to load, depending on your computer’s ability and your connection speed.  It’s worth the wait.

You’ll see folks like this....

This man is an example of New York’s permanent protester class. He has been seen at every leftist anti-American protest since the ’60s.  At least fifty percent of the participants in Occupy marches in New York are recycled anti-war leftists who also participate in protests supporting Hisbollah, or welcoming Irans’ president Ajmadenijad when he comes to New York.  When the common business man statue isn’t being sexually harassed, it has to put up with this kind of abuse.  For some reason, this veteran lefty thought it appropriate to sit for hours in this position, without moving a muscle day after day.

And then there’s this gentlemen....

That’s Ben Cohen - the “Ben” of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream - who just happened to have some samples of the high-priced ice cream makers product, much to the delight of the occupiers.  Ben supports OWS, of course, despite the fact he’s now a multi-millionaire and wants for absolutely nothing materialistic.  When he and Jerry Greenfield sold the company several years ago, they both walked off with a trainload of money.  Capitalist we much??

One of my favorite signs at occupy wall street....

JFK Is Spinning In His Grave

And then we have the newly weds!  Yes, they claim to have met, fallen in something and are now married.  If they ever come down from this high and realize what they’ve done, there could be an instant occupy divorce.

Hey! How did that guy get in there???

I think you get the idea.  Check out the entire photo essay right here.

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