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Monday, January 9, 2012

Americans Are Scared Of Barack Obama - There’s No Two Ways About It

Americans Are Scared Of Barack Obama

There’s No Two Ways About It

By Dell Hill

Alan Caruba asks the question....

“It is possible for an entire nation to suffer depression? Not the financial, but the emotional kind.

I have not spoken to anyone, however, that has expressed any optimism about the state of the nation and the air is full of conspiracy theories regarding what new action Barack Obama might take. The most popular of these is that he will declare “a national emergency” in order to assert powers that would put him in control of the nation without reference or consultation with Congress.

I would have dismissed such a notion in the past, but Obama genuinely scares me and a lot of other people as well.  An example of this was the great surge in gun sales that led up to Christmas. Guns are not generally regarded as the kind of gift you find under the Christmas tree unless you’re a hunter or shooting sportsman.

I cannot shake off the memory of the march on Washington in 2009 when an estimated million Americans gathered there to peacefully protest the pending passage of Obamacare.  The President’s chief political advisor, David Axelrod, dismissed the gathering saying, “They’re wrong.”  That’s beyond arrogance.  It signals contempt for the way a democracy works.

They were not wrong and the Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing in March in response to 26 U.S. State Attorney Generals who filed suit to have Obamacare declared unconstitutional.  The manner in which the then-Democrat controlled Congress forced the bill through to passage was scary, along with then-Speaker Pelosi’s statement that we just would have to pass the bill “to find out what’s in it.”  It was apparent that none of the members of Congress who voted for it had bothered to read it.

What’s scary, too, is that Congress has provided the presidency with all manner of virtually dictatorial powers that were intended to be evoked only in the event of a major, national crisis.  Even following 9/11 these powers were not used to hamper news coverage, freedom of travel, and other aspects of our lives.  9/11, however, was followed by the Patriot Act and many of us continue to have grave misgivings about some of its provisions.

A more recent piece of legislation that permits the President to authorize the seizure, arrest and imprisonment of anyone deemed an enemy of the state is scarier still.  Obama says he would not use such powers, but modern history is filled with examples of dictators that did.

So, yes, America is in a very dark mood these days.”

Read Alan’s entire post by clicking right here.

Dell’s Bottom Line:

There’s just no two ways about it.  Americans are scared of Barack Obama, and I believe they have every good reason to be.  Every day, it seems, some new action is taken by this President that even elderly New England blog writers believe to be unconstitutional.  

I also had the same opinion as Alan Caruba on the reported rumor that Obama was planning on creating a situation whereby he would declare martial law and suspend the 2012 elections if he felt there was a strong chance he might not win that election.  At first I said “no way would any President do such a thing”.  Now?  I’m not so sure.  

At this point, I have absolutely no trust or faith in this President and I believe there are many millions of Americans who feel exactly the same way.

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