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Monday, January 9, 2012

Halloween Party? What Party? None Of Those Hollywierd Stars Were At The White House.

Halloween Party?  What Party?  None Of Those Hollywierd Stars Were At The White House.  The White House Visitor Log Proves It

By Dell Hill via Michelle Malkin

I was wondering when someone would dig into the White House visitor logs to see who attended the secret Halloween party.  Michelle Malkin did the honors, and guess what?  None of the big name stars signed in!  Imagine that.

“Well, I’ve just finished scouring the White House visitor logs.
Regular readers know I seem to be one of the few in the media who actually does such a thing.

Regular readers also know that I’ve pointed out time and again that the logs are incomplete, misleading, obtuse, and designed to make it as difficult as possible to figure out who has visited and when.

So, it is no surprise that neither director Tim Burton nor actor Johnny Depp — hosts of the big 2009 Hollywood Halloween bash at the White House — show up in the visitor logs.

Use the search function and look for yourselves.

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Read Michelle’s entire post by clicking right here.

Dell’s Bottom Line:

None of these people were there!  Now lay off, you racist TEA Baggers!

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