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Friday, January 13, 2012

Elderly ‘Mod’ Invades Richmond, Virginia!

Elderly ‘Mod’ Invades Richmond, Virginia!

By Dell Hill

This will probably come as quite a shock to most of you.

Aside from music, sports, meteorology, radio, writing and enjoying the great outdoors, I’m a very big fan of North American Bald Eagles.  Stunner, right?  I know.  Not really a revelation.

In fact, those who pay close attention are aware that I was invited to serve as a moderator in the Raptor Resource Project sponsored Decorah Eagles chat room during the last nesting season.  My user name there was “GoldenEagle4444”.  “GE” for short.

This season I’ll be serving in a similar capacity with a brand new family of bald eagles near Richmond, Virginia, sponsored by the Center for Conservation Biology - a research group within the College of William and Mary and the Virginia Commonwealth University.

CCB is currently conducting the largest eagle tracking study in the world focused on understanding eagle spatial ecology and how eagles interact with human-made hazards.

The chat room can be reached online by clicking right here.  Camera testing and other technical aspects surrounding this event are underway.  Watch for an announcement as to when the chat room and streaming video goes “live”, very soon!

Note:  In order to join in the chat, a simple registration is required by Ustream.  It’s free, of course, and I hope you’ll stop in and say “Howdy”.

This pair of eagles is located along the James River in Richmond Virginia.  The nest is situated in a solid top crotch, approximately 90 feet up in an isolated loblolly pine.  This breeding territory was discovered in the spring of 1995 when a pair of adult eagles was observed attending a nest on an island in the James River. The pair produced no young during their first year.  A single eaglet was produced in 1996 and the territory has been occupied continuously since that time.  

The original nest was abandoned and the pair built this nest in 2001.  The pair has used this nest for more than ten years and since 2001 has produced 18 eaglets, including 2 in 2011.

Moderators will be in the chat room from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time  to answer questions and to conduct extensive discussions of North American Bald Eagles.

Here’s the chat room link once again.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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