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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cuddly Kittehs Move In On Advertising World

Cuddly Kittehs Move In On Advertising World

By Dell Hill

What’s the next “in thing” in advertising?  A long, slender leg teasing you to buy?  A macho-man, flexing muscles on top of muscles?  A cute child reciting especially adult phrases?

No...I’m afraid not.  According to some, the next big push in advertising is cats!  Not hep cats....Felines!

Not surprising when you give it some serious thought.  Most of us have dogs and/or cats as pets and we tend to treat them just like every other member of the family.  And I have permission from Miss Isis, Miss Gracie, Miss Molly and Mr. Leo’s to say so!  Miss Molly is the quiet critter in the bunch....she’s the only dog.

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