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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alleged White House Shooter Ortega-Hernandez Captured

Alleged White House Shooter Ortega-Hernandez Captured

Was found by a Pennsylvania state trooper at a hotel near Indiana, Pa., shortly after noon on Wednesday.

Via Fox News
Shown here is Oscar Ortega, whom police suspect of being involved in a shooting near the White House.

The suspect wanted in connection with a shooting that occurred near the White House has been arrested in Pennsylvania, officials confirm.
The U.S. Secret Service said in a brief statement that Oscar

Ortega-Hernandez was found by a Pennsylvania state trooper at a hotel near Indiana, Pa., shortly after noon on Wednesday. He is currently being held by the State Police.
The arrest comes as officials continue to investigate the incident, after discovering bullets at or near the White House.

According to a Secret Service statement earlier Wednesday, law enforcement found one bullet that smashed a window at the White House before being stopped by a second layer of "ballistic glass." Another round was found outside the White House. The Secret Service said the damage "has not been conclusively connected" to the shooting.

"An assessment of the exterior of the White House is ongoing," the Secret Service said.

Fox News has learned that the FBI joined the investigation on Tuesday at the request of the Secret Service and U.S. Park Police. The FBI has extensive expertise in evidence gathering, which could explain why the agency was called in to assist.

Law enforcement for days had been searching for the suspect, 21-year-old Ortega-Hernandez. The suspect has a record of arrests in Idaho, Utah and Texas, according to MyFoxDC, and reportedly is believed to be mentally ill.

Park Police originally obtained an arrest warrant for Ortega-Hernandez after discovering an AK-47-style rifle in an abandoned car Friday night. The car was found after Secret Service officers heard shots being fired between two vehicles about a half-mile from the White House.

U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser said Sunday that officers had obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect on a felony charge of carrying a dangerous weapon, in connection with the incident.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were in California at the time of the shooting, before traveling to Hawaii for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

News of the bullets' discovery broke shortly after the president landed in Australia for a brief 27-hour visit.

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  1. For the record: This blog does NOT support ANY violence of any kind to underscore political differences. Any such action against the President of the United States should result in THE most serious criminal charges available.