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Friday, November 18, 2011

Should The Communists Be Offered Their Own Country Within America?

Should The Communists Be Offered Their Own Country Within America?

“I am more and more tempted every day to simply say “Fine—you can have your country to run, and we’ll have ours.” -- Jim O’Neill

By Dell Hill

As recently as this week, I posted a comment on another blog, suggesting that “it might be nice if all the Liberals moved to California and stayed there.  They leave the rest of us alone and we’d leave them alone”.  I made that comment very much tongue in cheek, but...

It’s more than obvious; the path we’re on right now - with communists strongly and openly attempting to exact a coup on the United States capitalist system and convert the federal government to a Marxist Socialist system - that this is headed for disaster.  I’ve read many posts and comments by conservative Americans who are seeing the very same things and are preparing accordingly.  “Powder Is Dry” is not a joke.  For many, that type of statement indicates an expected escalation to the point of confrontation and the result would make world history.  1776 in reverse, as it were.

For purposes of discussion, take a look at what some others are openly suggesting....and then we’ll talk about it.

“The infiltration, infestation, and indoctrination of America's culture by elements inimical to decency, truth, and honor

Time to Break Apart the United States?

*- Jim ONeill  Thursday, November 17, 2011

“The truth is that there is no compromise possible between Liberty and Tyranny.  We have irreconcilable differences with the Progressives, and every attempt to compromise with them, always results in an incremental loss of our Liberty, not to mention our income.  Perhaps it is time for a divorce.”Dave Hunter “Why Live in a Salad Bowl”

A little over two years ago I wrote an article in which I discussed the idea of letting the liberal elements in America go their way, and conservatives go theirs.  At the time I felt that it was not a good idea, and that maintaining the union was the best way to go, all things considered. Link

Recently Dave Hunter sent me an article that he wrote on the topic, and after considering his proposals, I found myself thinking “You know, this may be the way to go after all—sort of a Red-state/Blue-state separation—an amicable separation, instead of a civil war.”

It is no news that the United States of America is a parody of the free republic that it was designed to be.  Our Godless, rudderless Ship of State has morphed into a ship of fools, mismanaged by a glib crew of brigands and cut-throats—barbarians in three-piece suits.  American culture is a moral wasteland that has exchanged restraint and virtue for gluttony and greed.

The infiltration, infestation, and indoctrination of America’s culture by elements inimical to decency, truth, and honor, has been going on for so long that a sizable percentage of the American public is, in effect, treasonous.  I do not consider them to be my fellow countrymen, or women. I find listening to them a “fingers across a chalkboard” experience, and would just as soon live on a different planet, let alone in a different country.  Compare the typical OWS mob to the people found at your average Tea Party rally, and you will have an idea of the sort of ideological divide that I am talking about. Link Link

I cannot begin to tell you how sick I am of the duplicity, phoniness, greed, and incessant whining of the liberal element in America.  I am more and more tempted every day to simply say “Fine—you can have your country to run, and we’ll have ours.”

As a model of what such a liberal utopia would look like, what better place to pick than someplace where the liberals have held the reins of power for decades, where the unions are king; where multiculturalism is the law of the land. America has such a place—Detroit, Michigan.  I suggest that you check into the housing market in Detroit; check out the crime rate, drug use, corruption, graft, and all around general destruction of this once fine city. Link Link Link Link

What the liberals have done to Detroit they do most everywhere that they go

What the liberals have done to Detroit they do most everywhere that they go.  The only reason that each and every liberal enclave has not imploded under the weight of liberal stupidity, greed, and cupidity is the constant influx of revenue from the more conservative and responsible (and yes, honest) citizens in America.  These responsible citizens are not deemed forthright and upstanding by the liberals; they are considered reactionary chumps and suckers—rubes to be alternately stroked, flattered, used, and discarded as the situation warrants.

As I have mentioned before in my articles, either God exists, or God does not exist. There is no half-way—God does not sort of exist,” or sort of not exist. This being the case, someone is very, very far off track, and deluded to the point of mental derangement.  I should mention that the vast majority of atheists are liberal.

Seeing as how atheists are the ones who overwhelmingly tend to embrace such concepts and “realities” as relativism, chaos, nihilism, narcissism, polymorphous perversity, and moral ambiguity, there will be no awards given for correctly guessing who the deranged ones are here. I do not honestly know if I have the stomach for any further “up close and personal” dealings with lunatic liberals anymore (there is no lunatic “fringe”—all liberals are insane to one degree or another.  At best they are myopically deluded and spiritually stunted).  Perhaps, as Dave Hunter says, a “divorce” would be best.”

Read the rest of Jim’s thought-provoking piece by clicking right here.

Now I’ll “open this up to the floor” for debate.

Bearing in mind that a thought, a suggestion or idea should never become a knee-jerk reaction, what do you think of such an idea?

I truly believe the matter has reached the point where it’s serious enough to consider an alternative to civil war, but I would also caution those who believe this idea might be feasible, that convincing the other side to comply is probably out of the question.  They want the WHOLE country - not just California (or however many states would be set aside for their form of government).

I’m not really in favor of my own idea!  Mostly because there are millions of sane people who live in California and it wouldn’t be fair to just drive them out of their homes and ruin their “American dream” just to placate a band of communists.  Incidentally, that wouldn’t be an issue for communists because under their form of government individual citizens have no rights and, therefore, would be forced to do what their government tells them to do.

Just one more point; over the past couple of years we’ve heard scuttlebutt involving the use of the word “cessation” - in Texas most predominantly. 

Don’t be at all surprised to hear that word brought up again in the very near future.  The very thought saddens me, but it’s reality and it might just come to that. 

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