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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Will Obama Maintain Support For Communists?

Will Obama Maintain Support For Communists?

This Blog Believes He Will

By Dell Hill
Via Jim Hoft
Now we know…
The #OWS website today has a posting that explains why N17 was chosen as the name for today’s actions…
It represents a Marxist terrorist organization.

From the Occupy Wall Street website:
Posted 2 hours ago on Nov. 17, 2011, 9:26 a.m. EST by stevo
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Hippies sheep to the slaughter. LEARN what you are matching for Revolutionary Organization 17 November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the airport with the FAA code 17N, see Cross Keys Airport. 17 November A reproduction of ’17 November’ logo that appeared on their proclamations Dates of operation 1975-2002 Leader Alexandros Giotopoulos, Dimitris Koufodinas Motives anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, pro-Marxism Active region(s) Greece Ideology Marxist Status dormant Revolutionary Organization 17 November (Greek: Επαναστατική Οργάνωση 17 Νοέμβρη, Epanastatiki Organosi dekaefta Noemvri), (also known as 17N or N17) was a Marxist urban guerrilla organization (characterized as a terrorist group by the Greek state[1] and the United States[2] and the United Kingdom) formed in 1975 and believed to have been disbanded in 2002 after the arrest and trial of a number of its members. The group assassinated 23 people[3] in 103 attacks on U.S., British, Turkish and Greek targets.

No wonder the progressives endorse this movement.

With declarations such as this it will be extremely interesting to see and hear IF the Obama administration continues to support the OWS protest.  As it stands, the President is caught between a rock and a seriously hard place.  For him to openly support Communism would provide the loyal opposition with hours of political advertising to make public that support.

It’s one thing to declare yourself as a Liberal; even a Progressive, but to openly support - and be directly connected with - a Communist organization is probably not going to go over well with “the folks”.

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