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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bloomberg: Unions Behind Day of Action - Hijacked Occupy Movement

Bloomberg: Unions Behind Day of Action - Hijacked Occupy Movement

The Vast Majority Of OWS Crowd Incapable Of Union-Style Violence

By Dell Hill via Ed Morrissey & Politico

You had to know that as soon a serious blood was spilled, the unions were involved.  That’s exactly what has taken place within the OWS protest and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said as much.

Bloomberg: Unions Behind Day of Action, Hijacked Occupy Movement

Ya think?  I wonder what gave it away — the tactics of disruption that we’ve come to see with all Big Labor efforts?  Let’s not forget that the first “occupation” didn’t take place on Wall Street, or even in New York, but in Madison in February of this year.  In fact, Michael Bloomberg is being a little too generous when he attempts to distinguish between the everyday Occupiers and the Day of Action provocateurs on the streets yesterday:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested Friday that unions took over the Occupy Wall Street protest yesterday.

A vast percentage of the people were union members protesting — some private unions and then some municipal unions — and they had, you know, organized signs and leadership and that sort of thing,” Bloomberg said on WOR radio station Friday. “So it really wasn’t the protesters that have been in Zuccotti Park or that you see around the country.”

I’ve watched dozens of hours worth of streaming video and monitored the trash-talk chat rooms that accompany said videos.  I’ve yet to see more than one or two “events” that I’d call riotous.  That’s because the very nature of the OWS crowd is one of confused adolescence.  These people are quite used to having everything handed to them and, as adults, they want that same thing to continue.  It’s really as simple as that.  Like children, they bang their head on the floor and scream loudly because that always worked with their parents, but now - when they’re being forced to provide for themselves - they want to “change the world”.

The union goons wouldn’t hesitate to hold a gun to your head and demand you give them everything you have.  There’s a huge difference in tactics here and the union fingerprints are all over this one.  

“Bloomberg added, “It was just an opportunity for a bunch of unions to complain or to protest or whatever they want to do.”

The mayor warned that some of those union members, especially the municipal union members — should “step back” and realize that their salaries depend on the city’s ability to attract companies, investors and people who pay taxes.

I’d say that the unions went all in on Occupy weeks ago.  Democrats certainly did, after all, and so did New York’s independent political party with even deeper union affiliations, the Working Families Party. The AFL-CIO openly expressed its support for a “Day of Action” a few days ago, as Tina (Korbe) reported at the time, as a way to push for more infrastructure stimulus — the kind of spending that benefits the unions.”

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