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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Judge In Penn State ‘Sandusky’ Case Volunteers At The Second Mile, The Charity Sandusky Founded

Judge In Penn State ‘Sandusky’ Case Volunteers At The Second Mile, The Charity Sandusky Founded

No Cash Bail On 40 Counts Of Sexual Abuse Of Children

By Dell Hill

Certainly no conflict of interest....directly or!

The judge who ruled former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail after being charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse against children is a volunteer for The Second Mile, the charity Sandusky founded.

Andy Colwell/AP
    The judge who set Jerry Sandusky's (c.) bail volunteered at the his charity organization, Second Mile.

The state Attorney General's Office requested $500,000 bail and an electronic leg monitor for Sandusky, but District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, active in several volunteer roles, ordered Sandusky, a State College resident, to have no contact with children. He will not have to pay any money unless he fails to appear for court.

Dutchot also serves as counsel for the law firm Goodall & Yurchak. She is vice president of Centre County Meals on Wheels, a counselor at Centre County Law Enforcement Camp Cadet, Inc. and volunteers for the American Heart Association.

A phone call to her office was not immediately returned.

Sandusky wrote a letter of resignation from The Second Mile in 2010, saying, "I believe this is a good time for me to retire from my day-to-day involvement with the organization in order to devote more time to my family and personal matters."

The press secretary from Pennsylvania's State Department said the agency had never received any complaints about The Second Mile with regard to misuse of funds.

"We can assess civil penalties - fines, cease and desist orders - but anything criminal, we would refer to the Attorney General's office," said Ron Ruman. "Second Mile's filings seem to be in order. We haven't seen a complaint that would have triggered any investigation."

The chances are excellent that the prosecution will request Judge Dutchot to recuse herself following this stunning revelation.

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