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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Lady Takes Re-Election Campaign To BET

First Lady Takes Re-Election Campaign To BET

“Isn’t that, like, Racist?” - DRH

By Dell Hill

First Lady Takes Re-Election Campaign To BET

Daily Mail

First Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage at an awards ceremony on Saturday with celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Mariah Carey, as they called on the black community to civic action.

The taping of the BET Honors, hosted by Black Entertainment Television was held at the historic Warner Theatre in downtown Washington and also featured poet Maya Angelou and other African American celebrities.

Throughout the night, members were encouraged to vote 'like their lives depended on it' in the 2012 election.

Dell’s Bottom Line:

I certainly agree with Mrs. Obama - with one minor change.

I encourage you to vote because our country depends on it!  Never mind what skin color might be involved.  Vote Obama out of office, the white half right along with the black half.

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