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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

“I Am Simply Not Going To Vote Unless Ron Paul Is On The Ticket...”

“I Am Simply Not Going To Vote Unless Ron Paul Is On The Ticket...”

Based On The Above Quoted Logic, You’re Voting For Barack Obama

By Dell Hill

Here’s a classic example of what Republicans are up against by allowing people like Ron Paul under the “big tent”.  This is an actual blog posting by Mr. Fred Reed.  It is headlined “I Am Simply Not Going To Vote Unless Ron Paul Is On The Ticket...”.

“Vote?  Why?  What candidate in the quadrennial resurrection of the Mickey Mouse club wants to do anything that I want done? - by Fred Reed

I want to roll back the onrushing police state and return to constitutional government.  The plunge into totalitarianism is a far worse danger than World War Two, in which the US was never in danger of being invaded, and in which the outcome was a foregone conclusion.  Who do I vote for?  No candidate (Except Ron Paul: ERP) is against sovietization.
I want to end our stupid wars, now.  Yesterday.  Who do I vote for? There is no antiwar candidate (ERP).  Obama sends the troops anywhere he can think of, and all the Republicans want to attack Iran.

I want to reduce the military by half and end the militarization of the country that is bankrupting us.  Who do I vote for? (ERP)
I want to reduce the size of government, get rid of the departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, and Commerce, toss the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and so on.  What candidate wants to do these things?  Republicans talk a good show, but which of them actually wants to cut?
I want to end affirmative action, which means governmental favor for some citizens over others, and rely on merit.  No candidate speaks of this.  Who do I vote for?
I want to end the empire, quit meddling in the business of other countries, get out of South Korea, Japan, and NATO.  I don't want to be the world's mommy.  Who do I vote for?
I want to reform America's dysfunctional system of taxation, go to a sales tax or flat tax or value-added tax, anything to get IRS off our backs.  It isn't the amount of taxation that I dislike, but the intrusiveness, mystery, complexity, and lack of recourse.  Who do I vote for?”

Dell’s Bottom Line:

Unfortunately, when the convention votes are tabulated, Ron Paul will not be announced as the winner.  In fact, Ron Paul will not be selected as a Vice Presidential candidate, either.

Therefore, Mr. Reed - like Paul supporters generally - will not vote for the Republican candidate because it’s not Ron Paul.  The net effect of that, of course, is a vote for Barack Obama.

What Paul supporters are doing is riding along on the perimeter of the Republican Party, but never, ever actually adhering to the Republican Party platform and have no intention of doing so.  Mr. Reed just verified that fact.

Ron Paul is taking advantage of the Republican brand to do his “way out there” campaigning in the national spotlight.  He’s not a Republican; he’s a Libertarian, and while some of the goals aspired to by Libertarians are worthwhile, many are not.  Paul is simply a “Republican by convenience”.

The future?  A third political party movement, with Ron Paul as that parties candidate, following the Republican National Convention.


  1. Got to say Dell, that I am pretty much at that point myself.

    For the same reasons.

    Voting is giving consent to those doing the governing. No one outside of Paul is doing or saying the things I believe in. So I will withdraw my consent.

    There are those who have decided that people like me are the enemy. I will not lick the hands that lay chains on me.

    Every other Republican candidate has decided to support the likes of indefinite detention, and stripping me of my citizenship as punishment for not being a good serf. If I let them run ruffshod over everything I hold dear, I will be an enemy combatant. Sorry, I cannot find anything in our history or founding principles that makes this National Socialist mindset OK.

    Sorry. There is no way I can live with being stampeded out of fear again to vote for another RINO. The last time I did that, that same RINO authored the law making Americans enemy combatants. That is my punishment for compromising my principles.

    Not again.

  2. I know how you feel, Toaster. I read your blog.

    It would be a pretty boring world if we all agreed on everything, now wouldn't it?

    Just maybe I haven't reached "that point" yet. :)