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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hillary To Replace Biden On 2012 Ticket?

Hillary To Replace Biden On 2012 Ticket?

Specter Says Hillary Should Replace Obama!

By Dell Hill via Rovin @HotAir

What former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has to say isn’t terribly important, but the fact that supporters of President Barack Obama are now openly suggesting he be replaced as the Democrat’s nominee certainly is.  And that’s exactly the kind of news that’s sneaking out these days.

Over at HotAir, Rovin has this piece posted in the Green Room.

“Via the First Street Journal, during an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board, the political switch-hitter Arlen Specter suggested that it’s not Joe Biden that Hillary Clinton should replace:

Should President Obama dump Joe Biden as his running mate and replace him with Hillary Rodham Clinton?
Arlen Specter was asked that hot-potato question, circulating in some Democratic circles, in a meeting Tuesday with the Inquirer Editorial Board.

His answer showed that the former 30-year senator hasn’t lost his knack for blunt talk – nor, perhaps, his bitterness over what he feels were slights from Obama during his own failed 2010 reelection campaign.

He suggested that maybe Obama was the one who should be dumped.

“That’s the second-best alternative,” he said of replacing Biden.  “A better alternative is to make Hillary the [presidential] nominee.  As long as we’re talking about dumping, let’s go to the core problem.”   link

Specter’s disdain for Obama using him as a temporary tool also drew sharp criticism from the former Pennsylvania Senator:

“But he had some strong words for Obama.  In his new book, copies of which have been released to reporters, he describes several opportunities in the final weeks of the 2010 campaign when Obama could have helped him by campaigning more for him in Pennsylvania – and did not.

One time late in the race, he wrote, Obama flew over Philadelphia on the way to a political appearance in New York.  Another time, he flew over Pittsburgh on the way to Ohio.

“President Obama has done fairly well under fairly difficult circumstances,” he said Tuesday.  “He has his limitations. He is not experienced, and it shows.”

He said Obama had been hampered because “he has a problem with listening.  In a roomful of people, he’s always the smartest guy in the room – and always has to prove it.”  link”

Dell’s Bottom Line:

I wonder how long it will be before Arlen Specter is characterized as racist?  Isn’t everyone who’s opposed to Barack Obama a racist?  That, of course, won’t happen because Specter’s opinion is pretty much worthless on both sides of the political aisle.  His words are considered sour grapes, and therefore discounted as ho-hum rhetoric.

The important point - at least from my perspective - is the fact that we’re hearing this kind of talk at all.  This is an incumbent President who was elected to bring hope and change to the American People and it seems that many of his minions have jumped ship in just three years time.

With suggestions that Vice President Joe Biden be replaced by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the political scuttlebutt started.  Those suggestions were changed slightly - with the idea that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Biden change places in the Obama administration.  And now we’re hearing a voice from the past openly calling for the incumbent President to be cast aside by his own party.

The chances of that happening are literally nil, but it’s significant that they’re happening at all.

The Republican nomination process may be dysfunctional, but the Democrats aren’t exactly swimming in a bed of roses, either.

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