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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Constitutional Law Professor Seeks To Skirt The Constitution

Constitutional Law Professor Seeks To Skirt The Constitution

Virginia Senator Moran In Solid Support

By Dell Hill

Sometimes they let their guard down and reveal their true allegiance.  I’m talking about far-left leaning Democrats - the ones we generally refer to as Marxist socialists.

It happened again recently.  Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran told The Daily Caller on Thursday evening that President Obama should “refinance every home mortgage” without congressional approval in order to “reset the economy.”

But don’t take my word for it; watch the video from the Daily Caller:

The Senator from Virginia is quite obviously sober and has his wits about him as he suggests the President take unilateral action that’s diametrically opposed to the separation of powers under the constitution.

And don’t be shocked if the President tries to do just that!

Obama has already asked his Council on Jobs to identify areas of the American Jobs Act that can be implemented without congressional authorization, clearly showing his personal frustration with his political opponents across the aisle in congress and a willingness to take on dictatorial powers to achieve his goals.  

All of this from a man whom we are told taught a college level course in Constitutional Law?

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