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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Illegal Immigrants Help The Social Security System

Comedy Gold From Barney Frank

By Dell Hill

JJ’s blog children are at it again.  This time around, Shane Hayes and Angel Fleming at Fleming and Hayes blog in Massachusetts, document one of our nation’s greatest thinkers and orators - Representative Barney Frank (D-Ma).

Watch and listen as this outright corrupt Massachusetts politician tells his constituents that illegal immigrants actually HELP the Social Security program.  His logic boggles the mind.

What Barney Frank is actually doing is tipping off illegal immigrants that they shouldn’t contribute to Social Security because they won’t get any money back when it’s time to retire.  

He’s also suggesting that what the government is doing by setting this trap on illegals is all fine, dandy and above board, when in fact the government is taking in the money with no intention of ever paying out, so they’re actually stealing the money - something I suspect the federal courts would frown upon.

“Didn’t the South use the same economic arguments for slavery? Maybe our Founders were onto something with their notion of a legal immigration process as it allows people to become rightful citizens who are welcome to the liberties and freedoms as recognized by our republic in the Constitution…” - Fleming and Hayes

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