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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OWS An Organized, Scripted “Crisis”

Lisa Fithian Identified As Top Crisis Antagonist

By Dell Hill

Produce a very public media event - to and including the scripted “arrests” of selected protesters - and you’re a success in life, according to Lisa Fithian, the on-scene director of today’s anti-capitalistic movement in America.  Fithian is a highly experienced crisis creator and Breitbart TV has this report to document her latest efforts.

As you can see from this profile, Fithian is a professional atagonist, having practiced her trade since high school.

Lisa Fithian - Crisis Creator

Despite the obligatory “non violent” declaration, Fithian knows that the media becomes personally involved and outraged when school teachers, minorities, and the poor become arrested “victims” of any movement.  She orchestrates such arrests right down to the scripted responses of those “victims” as the media microphones and tape recorders are thrust in their faces.  The media eats this stuff up!  Throw in a couple of burning cars and you've got yourself an entire evening news broadcast.

Fithian will be heard from again....and soon. The G-8 Summit, which involves the personal appearance of the heads of state of the eight leading industrialized nations in the world, will be held in Chicago next Summer.  If history is any indicator, Fithian and her crisis creators will be there and chaos can be expected.

And then, of course, there’s the Democrat Party National Convention....

Mrs. Oleary’s cow has nothing on Lisa Fithian.

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