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Friday, October 21, 2011

US Military Leaving Iraq By Years End

Bush Timetable For Withdrawal Completed By Obama

By Dell Hill

By now y’all know that President Barack Obama has ordered all US military personnel out of Iraq by the end of this year.  Certainly welcome news for the men and women deployed to that volatile Middle East region, as well as their family and friends back home.

The announcement dovetails with the agreement that former President George W. Bush made with the Iraqi government just prior to leaving office in 2009.

As Michelle Malkin points out:

“Even with a full troop withdrawal, a very small number of military personnel will remain in Baghdad and at U.S. diplomatic facilities to help Iraq with matters such as purchases of American weapons systems, including Abrams tanks and F-16 fighters.  But there will be no long-term military-led training program.


Commenter canb0nly1:

I’m having a sense of dejavu

Obama Promises Troops Out of Iraq on DAY ONE

Obama Promises troops out of Iraq by 2009

I could go on, but instead:

Lemme Google that for ya…”

There is also well documented military concern that leaving Iraq completely - or drawing down our troop strength significantly (and zero would appear to be significant) will only unleash the antagonists in the region to begin anew their quest for superiority.  The threat to Israel will take on a massive increase of concern, as well.  The American defense of Israel will now rest primarilly with the United States Navy, which has a very strong presence in area waters - including deployment-ready United States Marines on board, along with Air Force units in Turkey and a limited number of ground forces “stationed nearby”.

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  1. I remember us discussing that obama and the liberals would take credit when Bush made the timeline. We should join that telephone psychic group and make some money! hehe