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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Facebook Friends - That’s NOT An American Flag

Facebook Friends - That’s NOT An American Flag

By Dell Hill

Many Facebook posters are posting this photo, along with their disgust over the guy walking on “the American Flag”.  This supposedly took place at an OWS protest, but it really doesn’t matter where it’s not an American flag.

Take a closer look....

That’s NOT an American flag.

An American flag has thirteen horizontal stripes...whatever this is has twelve, including an extremely wide red stripe at the base of the star field.  Someone will suggest that the center of the flag is folded so that the white stripe doesn’t show.  Wrong again.  That would result in 14 stripes.

An American flag has a red stripe at the top and bottom.  Whatever this is has a red stripe at the top and a white stripe at the bottom.

This is what a real American Flag looks like.

I’ve actually seen a few flag haters try to incite a reaction by desecrating something that LOOKS similar, but really isn’t Old Glory.  This is just another example.

As a patriotic American, I love what that flag stands for, but I don’t go berserk every time someone attempts to trigger a negative reaction by desecrating it, and certainly not if their using a fake flag, like the guy in the picture above.  To do so only gets you in more trouble than the clown that’s baiting you.  For me, It’s more fun to wait until they’ve exerted all that energy being an idiot, and then immediately putting up a new flag!

Having said that, my attitude is considerably different if someone comes on to my property with the intent of desecrating my American flag.  I won’t go in to any detail, but suffice to say, they won’t forget the encounter.

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