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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Experience? No Problem!

No Experience?  No Problem!

We’ll Start You Out As A Supreme Court Justice

By Dell Hill

The supreme court is the highest court in the land.  State supreme courts are the highest courts within each state for jurisdiction on state legal matters.  Most supreme court judges have served for many years as triers of fact at local and district court levels, attaining invaluable experience, before earning highly sought-after supreme court nominations.

Not so in Vermont.

Here’s the WCAX TV report on Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s (D) first appointment to the state’s highest court.

“Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has named his choice to sit on Vermont Supreme Court.

Shumlin has chosen his own legal counsel, Beth Robinson, for the job.

Robinson has no experience as a judge.  She is best known for leading the legal battle to legalize same-sex marriage in Vermont.

Robinson is Shumlin's first appointee to the 5-member high court.  If confirmed by the Legislature, she will replace Justice Denise Johnson who retired from the bench in August.”

“Robinson has no experience as a judge”!  She hasn’t even presided over family court matters.  Has never been directly involved in the administration of the rules of civil and criminal procedure.  Has never considered the points of law required to render a judicial decision and Governor Shumlin thinks she’s qualified to be a State SUPREME COURT JUSTICE.

As for her reported “legal battle to legalize same-sex marriage in Vermont”, it isn’t exactly difficult to get legislation passed in Vermont.  Both the House and Senate are very heavily Democrat controlled and, of course, the Governor is also a Democrat.

Republicans elected to state offices in Vermont would save themselves a lot of time and wasted effort by simply staying home during the legislative sessions.  They won’t, of course.  They’ll try to make themselves heard above the roar of the Democrat’s iron grip on the state, but - for the most part - they’re just going through the motions.

Next we’ll hear how these same Democrats have voted to approve the nomination of a totally inexperienced person as a Justice on the Vermont Supreme Court.

Clearly a “political payback appointment” to a good soldier in Shumlin’s cause.

I hope they all realize that if she’s confirmed, Robinson will have to recuse herself on any and all matters involving same-sex issues that come before the state’s highest court.  She just might be said to have a “bias”.

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