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Friday, December 16, 2011

Control Of The Senate Is Critical, Too!

Control Of The Senate Is Critical, Too!

Maybe If I Make The Headline BIG They’ll Wake Up!

By Dell Hill

Many millions of people are sharply focused on the upcoming presidential election...and that’s a good thing.

Those same millions of people haven’t spent two minutes discussing...or even thinking about...the 33 seats in the United States Senate that will also be decided next November.  That’s a bad thing.  A very bad thing.

Every minute that’s spent ignoring the race to control the United States Senate is another very valuable minute for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.  Think about it, people.  Start talking up those key senatorial races.  If you don’t, you really have no complaint if Obama is defeated, but control of the Senate remains in Harry Reid’s hands.

33 senate seats will be decided.  Six Democrats have announced their retirement, while two Republicans have done so.  Fifteen Democrats are running for re-election, and eight Republicans, likewise.  The remaining incumbents haven’t announced their intentions, as yet.

That’s fully one-third of the senate and most people don’t even know who the candidates are running for those offices.

One good place to start boning up on these critical senate races can be accessed by clicking right here.

Review the entire entry.  Locate your state and learn about who’s doing what.  It’s time to get in the game, folks.  While it’s important to discuss presidential politics and beat each other senseless over each of the candidates, it’s just as important to get the ball rolling on the senate races that are just as critical.

I say again;  if Barack Obama is defeated, but control of the senate remains controlled by Democrats, you’ll see little or nothing changed. Every Republican move will be stopped dead in its tracks by Democrats in the Senate and obviously there will absolutely no chance of ever winning an impeachment or other punitive action the House might choose to take.

I’m not asking you to ignore the presidential race.  What I’m asking is for everyone to start thinking about, talking about and getting involved in elections that are just as important.

This blog will be highlighting various senate races between now and election day.  House of Representative races, too, for that matter.  If you’d like me to dig into your state’s senate race, just drop a note in the comment box and, as a reward for your interest, I’ll move your state’s races to the top of my list.

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