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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obama Set To Cram More Control Down Your Throat

Obama Set To Cram More Control Down Your Throat

Regulations Strangle The Entire Nation

By Dell Hill

It’s all about “control”... And Americans hate it with the heat of a thousand suns.  Americans are demanding LESS regulation and control; President Obama is cramming more and more down your throat every day.

Anything and everything is getting the “control” treatment from President Barack Obama and here’s the proof.

The White House is on the political offensive, and one of its chief claims is that it isn’t the overregulator of business and Republican lore. This line has been picked up by impressionable columnists, so it’s a good time to consider the evidence in some detail.

Jan Eberly, an Assistant Treasury Secretary, kicked off the Administration campaign with a white paper in October that purported to debunk the “misconceptions” that “uncertainty is holding back business investment and hiring and that the overall burden of existing regulations is so high that firms have reduced their hiring.” Then the Administration mobilized some of the worst offenders, such as Kathleen Sebelius of HHS (“There has been no explosion of new rules”) and Lisa Jackson of the EPA (her opponents are “using the economy as cover”).

To answer the most basic question—has regulation increased?—we’ll focus on what the government defines as “economically significant” regulations. Those are rules that impose more than $100 million in annual costs on the economy, though there are hundreds if not thousands of new rules every year that fall well short of that.

According to an analysis of the Federal Register by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, the Cabinet departments and agencies finalized 84 such regulations annually on average in President Obama’s first two years. The annual average under President Bush was 62 and under President Clinton 56.”

A simple graph explains it all...

And that’s not all.  Another series of massive regulation is on the way, as we see in this report from National Review: “Obama’s Regulatory Burden.”

“In the next few days, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue another final regulation directed at electricity utilities.  This rule, known as the Utility MACT, will impose an estimated $11 billion each year in new costs on our economy.  It will threaten electricity-generating capacity in many parts of the country.  And it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this administration’s runaway rulemaking.”

Now isn’t that just lovely!

Time to get back on the phone.  Fire off Emails.  Send smoke signals, if you have to...But let your senators and representatives know that this President, and this government, is ruining this country.

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