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Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama’s Iranian Friends Shipping Spy Drone Back!

Obama’s Iranian Friends Shipping Spy Drone Back!

That Headline Is A Lie!

By Dell Hill

I’m just trying to get this all organized for analysis.

We sent an unarmed drone aircraft to fly over Iran on a spy mission and it didn’t return.  Somehow, the humans operating the controls lost command and the aircraft appears to have landed without any significant damage.  The Iranians took possession of this aircraft and put it on display for the world to see.  The big wigs in Washington, D.C., have verified that “that’s it!”.  This drone is loaded with top secret spy gadgetry and, if reverse engineered, it would be a treasure trove of U.S. intelligence community information for any number of radical foreign governments.  Is that about it?

Oh, there’s one other thing.

President Obama has asked Iran to “give it back”.

Having asked “nicely”, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (better known in blogging circles as SpiffyInMyDinnerJacket) immediately agreed to load the drone, that was spying on his country, on to the next Federal Express plane leaving Iran bound for Washington, D.C.

The preceding paragraph might be totally made up.

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