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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Green Newt: Going to War With the Army We Have?

The Green Newt: Going to War With the Army We Have?

“The Greens are about control, not the environment, and certainly not about individual freedom as conservatives understand the term.”

By Guest Blogger Richard Falknor
“The former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, can hit breathtaking home runs — as he did with his exposure of the invented history of Palestine, and he articulates our coming defense needs better than the other GOP candidates.

Has Newt Gingrich Quit Drinking The Green Kool-Aid?

But we should not forget what we call the Mark Steyn Rule:
“. . . [Y]ou can’t be in favor of assertive American foreign policy overseas and increasing Europeanization domestically; likewise, you can’t take a reductively libertarian view while the rest of the planet goes to pieces.  Someone in the GOP needs to do what Ronald Reagan did so brilliantly a quarter-century ago — reconcile the big challenges abroad with a small-government philosophy at home.” (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Just when one hopes the former Speaker has given up his 1995 Sierra Club fantasies in his high middle age, we come face to face with Gingrich the Green Statist and Crony Capitalist.

Veteran junk-science buster Steve Milloy in 2008 warned
“Newt Gingrich has guzzled Al Gore’s Kool-Aid.  Now he wants us and the Republican 2008 presidential candidates to drink it, too.  The former House Speaker’s latest book, ‘A Contract with the Earth’ co-authored with Palm Beach Zoo CEO Terry Maple, is an appalling paean to environmental naivete and taxpayer-subsidized profiteering.  While the book’s theme — i.e., let’s all just happily pitch in and do what it takes to save the environment — may sound reasonable, at least on a superficial basis, Mr. Gingrich’s notions are often wrong or simply bizarre, and his prescriptions amount to little more than a full embrace of rent-seeking ‘green’ business and left-leaning eco-activist groups, both of which often masquerade as ‘protectors’ of the environment.”

Now today author Milloy writes in his “Gingrich climate expert: ‘What would Jesus do on a warming planet?’ –

“That’s a defense [against] skepticism offered by Texas Tech professor Katharine Hayhoe, the author of the climate chapter in Newt Gingrich’s upcoming book on the environment.”  (Underscoring Forum’s.)

Aside from her “Evangelical” appeal to love the poor and needy, including “those being affected by climate change,” Hayhoe offers three other “ways of diffusing skeptics.”  Readers may wish to visit the entire Milloy post.

And just last Friday Milloy reports “Gingrich climate book coming post-election” terming it potentially “scary.”

Milloy explains –
“First, our environment is already clean and safe — not sure we need more environmental snake oil salesmen.  Next, the Hayhoe chapter is of concern in light of Gingrich’s green wobbling this week.

Certainly many Republican primary voters are at their wits end as they view the destruction wrought daily by the profoundly radical Obama Administration from illegal immigration to national defense.
They sense the GOP Establishment candidates’ lack of stomach for fighting tough enough politically to stop the Chicago Way.
But these primary voters certainly grasp that the former Speaker relishes the “sting of battle.”

Nonetheless the Greens are about control, not the environment, and certainly not about individual freedom as conservatives understand the term.

Yet Mr. Gingrich may indeed be the GOP nominee for president.  And we must go to war with the army we have.

A realistic conservative goal then must be to ensure that the GOP leadership in both chambers of the next Congress fully understands the Green menace and keeps the next GOP president right with wise conservation not Green corporatism; and when the president goes wrong, acts to set him right.

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