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Friday, December 16, 2011

Washington Post Hit Job On Gingrich

Washington Post Hit Job On Gingrich

“My friends cousin’s barber, who has a friend who lives near Washington, told his aunt’s next door neighbor, who’s related to the guy who picks up the garbage every Friday,......”

By Dell Hill via Hot Air

Just one peek at this story and your nose will fill with an odor you’ll instantly recognize - Democrat Party Politics.  It does, indeed, smell like last Friday’s garbage.

“Today’s Washington Post carries a story about a “curious case in the annals of the FBI,” but the only curious aspect of the story is why the Post published it — with the headline FBI considered a sting aimed at Newt Gingrich in 1997.  That implies that the arguable GOP frontrunner for President had committed some sort of conduct that was shady enough to get the FBI to propose an Abscam-like operation to take Gingrich down.  However, that’s not the case at all, but you have to get past the lead paragraph to figure that out:

It is a curious case in the annals of the FBI: The bureau considered a sting operation against then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich after sifting through allegations from a notorious arms dealer that a $10 million bribe might get Congress to lift the Iraqi arms embargo.

The FBI ended up calling off the operation in June 1997.  It decided there was no evidence that Gingrich knew anything about the conversations the arms dealer was secretly recording with a man who said he was acting on behalf of Gingrich’s then-wife, Marianne,according to people with knowledge of the investigation.

But details of the case, which became public this week in an article and documents posted online by a nonprofit journalist, show how a series of second- and third-hand conversations alleging that the top man in Congress might be for sale caught the attention of federal investigators.”

We really only need to skip to the last paragraph...

“This is a non-story.  It’s only slightly less egregious than the New York Times’ execrable Vicki Iseman hit job on John McCain just after he cinched the nomination.  It’s a hit job aimed at a Republican candidate that wouldn’t have passed the smell test in a newsroom had the politician in question been a Democrat.”

Dell’s Bottom Line:  It’s a “curious case in the annals of the FBI”???

Get Out Of Here With That Garbage!

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