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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Budget A Mystery To Senator Manchin

No Budget A Mystery To Senator Manchin

I Call BS!

By Dell Hill

Joe Knows.  He knows full well.

“Joe, if they ask you why we haven’t submitted a budget for 1,000 days, make up something good”

I don’t care how personable a politician might be.  There are some who are extremely personable and make excellent guests on radio and TV programs, and there those who are about as exciting as listening to Ben Stein read a phone book.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is one of those personable guests, which makes it even more important to single him out for telling five-Pinocchio lies on national television.

Watch and listen as Manchin tries to find the words to use - rather than the truth - as to why the United States federal government has gone without a Constitutionally mandated budget for nearly 1,000 days!

Senator Manchin knows the truth.  He just won’t say it.

The truth is that President Barack Obama - by design - does NOT want you to know how much his political agenda is costing US taxpayers.  He does NOT want that truth told because it would totally guarantee his defeat at the polls next November.

The stark truth of the matter is:  The only budget the President has submitted to Congress resulted in as close to a unanimous rejection as it could possibly get (97 - 0 vote in the Senate with three senators not voting).

If up and coming politicians, like Senator Joe Manchin, wish to retain any credibility what-so-ever, they have to start telling the TRUTH.

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