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Sunday, December 18, 2011

$4 Million For Hawaiian Vacation? Put It On The Taxpayer’s Tab

$4 Million For Hawaiian Vacation?  Put It On The Taxpayer’s Tab

“Mr. President, in case you haven’t heard; great leaders lead by example.  You’re setting a horrible example.”

By Dell Hill

It’s extremely difficult for me to sit here and accept the fact that over four million of our tax dollars will be used to pay for a lengthy vacation in Hawaii for the President of the United States.  Most especially when so many Americans are out of work and wondering how they’re going to make ends meet, financially.  

I don’t begrudge the President taking a vacation, but why at such great expense?

The man just finished scolding all federal agencies for wasting money and then turns around and wastes over four million all by himself!

Doug Ross brings us up to date on the latest multimillion dollar junket.

...Figures obtained by Hawaii Reporter reveal the trip is expected to run taxpayers about $4 million.  It has already cost taxpayers about $100,000 extra just so first lady Michelle Obama and the president’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, could leave Friday before the president, according to White House Dossier...

...Hawaii Reporter’s comprehensive breakdown uses government data to calculate travel, housing, hotel and local costs...

...White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about the vacation’s cost at a briefing last week.  He dodged questions about Michelle Obama’s desire to travel separately from the president.

With all of the vacations and golf, it's a wonder he's been able to eviscerate so much of America's economy!”

Dell’s Bottom Line:  Perhaps we will remember in November!  

Perhaps we’ll send this President back to Illinois, where he can pay the exorbitant amounts of money for the lush accommodations in Hawaii OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET!

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