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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Very Best Christmas, Chanukah & New Year Wishes To All

Very Best Christmas, Chanukah & New Year Wishes To All

Readers Ram New Blog Passed 1.5 Million In Alexa Standings

By Dell Hill

As you can tell by the reduction in the number of posts per day, the Christmas/New Years Holiday is upon us and real news - the kind of news that inspires one to write and post on his blog - is really in low gear.  This happens every year...and for at least a few days during every major holiday.  Things will pick up about January 4th - when the hangover has finally subsided and the reality of everyday life sets back in.  Until that time, we’ll just muddle along and post on an “as needed” basis.

Regular blog readers have asked me to keep passing along the blog rankings - something I’ve backed away from, on purpose, simply because it seemed like I was blowing my own horn a little too much and a little too loudly.

To answer the request:  As of today (Wednesday 12/21) the Alexa ranking for Dell’s Bottom Line is now 2,511,520 in the world.  That’s for ALL blogs of all types and descriptions.  What’s pretty cool about that is the fact we’ve passed 1,598,367 blogs in just over 80 days.  

Among all blogs in the US, we’ve gone from 720,344th to 328,546th position - having moved ahead of 391,798 blogs here in America.

If I were to set a realistic goal for 2012, it would be the crack the top one million internationally, and to get in to the top 100,000 in the US.  

Of course “visits” and “pages read” are of the utmost importance for the blog rankings.  I could certainly boost those numbers handsomely by posting certain “hit bait”, but that’s not what I’m all about.  Never has been; never will be.

I DO want to take a moment to thank you all very much for reading Dell’s Bottom Line and your recommendation to new, first time readers, is most appreciated.

I also want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas & A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year, as well as Happy Chanuka wishes to our Jewish readers.


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